Solid Food!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Today would’ve been my seventh full day on liquids. This flare, triggered when I hit the 10 mg mark of my prednisone taper, has been one of the most severe flares I’ve ever had. It has not been the most painful or the scariest by any means. But it has been long and hard and my mouth has been an absolute mess. I’ve never had this many lesions at once. And they’re everywhere. I posted some really disgusting photos on a separate page titled “An Ugly Flare” if you’re interested in seeing what’s been happening in my mouth.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any problems with my throat or swallowing, and very little pain associated with drinking. So I’ve been able to stay nourished and hydrated using some good meal replacements and supplements from Garden of Life, along with lots of bone broth and kombucha. If not for the hydrocodone/acetaminophen pill I’ve had to take twice a day most days to function somewhat normally, it could’ve been a decent detox.

Today, the lesions are beginning to scab over and some of the scabs are falling off. (Gross, I know, but that’s what happens, and that’s how I can tell when the flare is wrapping up and I’ll be feeling better soon, so I always get really excited when this process starts!) My tongue isn’t as swollen and the thrush is beginning to recede a bit. So, without the danger of chewing off a chunk of my swollen tongue, I decided today might be a good day to attempt to eat something a little more solid.

Coming off of this forced detox also puts me in a unique position to change my diet, possibly start an elimination diet. I’ve been researching and thinking about some different options the last few days. I decided to just stick with something simple for now, but something new that I haven’t tried yet. Eliminating ALL grains. That’s right. No rice, no quinoa, no oats, no gluten free bread, wraps, or crackers- unless they are also grain free, which is rare.

I’ll still be able to make baked goods from coconut and almond flours, and I’ve found some great cookbooks and online resources for recipes, so I’m not too worried about feeling deprived. This will just be another small adjustment.

I’m also going to strictly eliminate dairy (again). I may incorporate some raw goat milk products further down the line, but not anytime soon. My body has let me know that dairy is not good for me right now (congestion, headaches, acne) so I need to honor that, regardless of my love for cheese. And I considered following something close to the autoimmune paleo protocol, which eliminates eggs and nightshades (potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) but I’ll save that for later if eliminating grains doesn’t work on its own.

So, I’m basically paleo now, I guess.

And here’s what I had for my first solid meal in a week. Applegate Farms Smoked Turkey and avocado wraps dipped on homemade mayo and organic spicy mustard.


The first bite was pretty rough. I realized I should’ve trimmed off the harder edges of the turkey as they stabbed various sensitive spots inside my mouth, and my tongue moved quickly to try to alleviate that pain, causing more pain to the tender underside of my tongue… ending up with me virtually swallowing the first bite whole, without chewing at all. I took a pain pill, waited 5 minutes, and tried again. Tearing off smaller pieces of turkey and eating the avocado by itself. Slowly, bite by bite, I eat the first roll-up. It is delicious, but I am exhausted. I think, “That’s it. I can’t eat the other two. I’m still so hungry, but I just can’t do it.” By now, it’s been about 20 minutes since I took the pain pill (yes, it took that long to eat one little roll-up.) And I am so hungry I decide to just take one bite of the second roll-up. Chew, swallow, no problem. Yay! I didn’t think I could do it, but I end up eating all three. So satisfying!

Dinner was served up by my sweet husband. Salmon and spinach. Perfect paleo meal. Thanks, babe.


I was able to eat most of it.

3 thoughts on “Solid Food!!! Woo-hoo!!!”

  1. Tamara, I am so glad you feel well enough to write on your blog today and also to eat some solid food. I have really been worried. I know you are researching and trying to find the right path for your body. Good luck and don’t lose the faith.

  2. What a beautiful attitude, Tamara! So good to know you can see an end to this bad flare. Prayers for you.

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