Woke up feeling great today, despite not sleeping well last night. Determined to take full advantage of it!

Quick breakfast before a play date. This is now one of my favorites. Brown rice and diced pepper, two fried eggs, avocado, and raw sauerkraut (getting in those fermented veggies with lots of good probiotics!)


Felt a slight slump when we got home around noon and didn’t feel like putting together a real lunch, so we had brownie balls (they’re healthy!) and almond milk. My daughter loves these, and I love that she has no idea she’s eating walnuts, prunes, chia seeds, and maca powder.


Snacked on blueberries.


Then my energy slump ended and we got out in the garden. My amazing husband built these beds and installed a sprinkler system so we can expand our gardening efforts this year and have more homegrown, organic produce.

We moved our compost bin and found this guy growing out of a hole in the back of the bin. My husband says it’s a papaya tree. To get it out, we had to rip some of the roots, so we’re hoping it survives the transplant. But that was pretty exciting.


The pepper and tomatillo (I think) bed. The three baby plants in front were started from seed. I had a mishap with my labeling system, so I’m not 100% sure what they are. Either tomatoes or tomatillos. I’m going with tomatillos. We shall see.


The tomato and Swiss chard bed. Several tomato varieties and both red and yellow chard.


The herbs. And a few spaghetti squash and honeydew melon sprouts that need to be transplanted later.


We also planted a couple of lavender plants today. Looking forward to making nighttime tea with that.

Almost forgot to take a pic of my red beet elixir. Just beets and apples. Super sweet and refreshing after an afternoon sweating in the garden.


Dinner is a variation on fettuccine Alfredo from Nourishing Meals. Seriously, everyone needs this book. It’s amazing.

Here’s the recipe.


Loving my spiralizer. Turned 2 zucchini and a yellow squash into fettuccine noodles.


Rosemary, sage, and basil from the garden.


Everything on the stove. I made a double batch of the Alfredo sauce so we’ll have more for later. I’m thinking gluten free white lasagna…


And the finished product. Served with leftover roasted carrots and “carsnips” as my daughter says.


So excited to have had such a good day. I haven’t felt this good in a while. Not only did I have energy, but I felt clear in the head. Sharp. Like I could think straight- which has been a struggle most days lately. Feeling very grateful.


Sautéed sweet potatoes and beet greens with garlic and avocado, topped with an egg.


And a big refreshing jar of red beet elixir. Perfect after a morning of gardening outside.


This year, I’m attempting zucchini, spaghetti squash, tomatillos, various tomatoes and peppers, Swiss chard, onions, poblanos, honeydew melon, scuppernong muscadine and Concord grapes. All from seeds that were acquired from our actual food (except the onions and Swiss chard). I’ll be happy if half of those actually produce something edible. We already have blueberry bushes, mini pepper plants, various citrus trees, and an avocado tree. All very young plants.


I’m super excited about our Meyer lemon tree. It’s already got quite a bit of fruit started. I see lots of ginger lemonade in our future this summer.


For lunch: Romaine scoopers and chicken salad, with capers, kimchi, grapeseed vegenaise, and cucumbers marinated in raw apple cider vinegar, all drizzled with hempseed oil and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt and black pepper.


And a sweet, protein packed smoothie: frozen kale, frozen blueberries, banana, medjool dates, soy milk, hemp protein powder, chia seeds.


And dinner is fettuccini alfredo. Completely vegan and grain-free. Used shirataki tofu noodles, tofutti cream cheese and sour cream, olive oil, basil, garlic, nutmeg, pine nuts, broccoli, and lemon zest. Other than a slight difference in the texture of the noodles, I don’t think this is distinguishable from the classic dish. It got clear approvals from the kid and husband. Clean plates all around.


Got a late night headache and sweets craving. Alkalizing greens to the rescue. Works every time.