These were so easy, delicious and very filling. A pound of grassfed ground beef sautéed with a homemade Mexican seasoning blend, then put in crisp romaine “shells” and topped with avocado, chopped tomato, and shredded carrot. No grains, no dairy, no problem! 😉



Gonna try a new format and see how this works. One main post per day should be more manageable than three. I usually post everything at once anyway.

Breakfast was gf toast, eggs, and avocado. With sexy hot chocolate (with maca powder). 😉


And juiced this stuff. Hello, my beautiful juicer. How I’ve missed you.


Lunch was a microwave meal. We had a busy day. No time to cook.


We had a house full of family at dinner time, and they ordered pizza. I was busy preparing for my juice cleanse for tomorrow, so it didn’t bother me too much that I couldn’t eat what they were eating. Sticking with the Italian theme, I had this instead.


Side note: just realized I gained 3 pounds while I was away the past week. This puts me only 5 pounds from my pre-hospitalization weight, which is good. But I wonder where it came from, and if it really is a good thing. I’m pretty sure I ate more sugar than I normally would have. It was still very limited, but there was sugar in the pancake mix, gf cookies, cereal, and cereal bars. And I think I ate more gf bread than I usually would. I am super excited that I got through the whole trip with nothing more than the usual minor lesions and a little tiredness. I honestly expected a significant flare. I guess I was just trying to prepare myself for the worst so it wouldn’t be so upsetting if it happened. But I am soooo happy it didn’t. And I think that is due in large part to the support I had from my family through the whole trip. My husband, my parents… everyone did what they could to minimize my stress and help me stay on track food-wise. I’m extremely grateful.

Monday’s Breakfast

Apples, oranges, and a 3-egg omelet with baby kale and garlic, topped off with avocado. I’m pretty sure these eggs were free range or whatever… they came from a local market and were all different colors with spots on them. My dad picked them up when he was stocking up on kefir for me.


That’s kefir in the glass, with agave and cinnamon. And a mug of lavender camomile tea.

Thursday’s Breakfast

Happy Valentine’s Day! My sweet husband woke up early, arranged flowers and cards and sweet treats for our daughter. And he made breakfast. Omelets. His omelets are delicious, and I desperately wanted to eat it, but it just wasn’t happening. I guess he was hoping I’d wake up feeling better this morning. He’d included a handful of grapes alongside the omelet, and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to eat those relatively easily. So I dug a bunch out of the fridge and decided to make that my meal.


I ended up only eating enough to help me take my medicine (I can’t swallow pills with liquid. I’m like a 5 year old- and have to trick myself into forgetting it’s there by chewing up my food and popping the pill in right before I swallow.) And I had an early doctor appointment, so I took a bag of grapes with me, thinking I might munch on them while in the waiting room, but at this point, it’s really hard to get past the pain unless I am truly ravenous.

Doc put me back on prednisone- 20mg. I hate taking any medication, but steroids are particularly scary to me. I’ve got to find a way to get my body back to it’s natural, healthy, balanced state. I feel like my doctors are great (usually) at treating my acute symptoms, but they’re not much help with figuring out why my body is so off-kilter and helping me figure out what I can do to fix it long-term. I want to be healthy and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. There should be more doctors out there that can help with that, instead of just doling out more prescriptions.

Tuesday’s Breakfast

A delicious, easy staple in our house: steel-cut oats. Cooked overnight so they only need to be warmed up in the morning. Today, they were a bit dry, so I added a splash of soymilk. And then a little bit of honey and pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, and ginger- lots of ginger- I always add extra ginger as it has anti-inflammatory properties). I topped it off with canned pure pumpkin (also with honey and pumpkin pie spice) and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt. Then drizzled everything with sorghum syrup and sprinkled some more… you guessed it… pumpkin pie spice. Bam! Pumpkin pie for breakfast.


Unfortunately, I’ve had no improvement since yesterday with my oral lesions or thrush. And eating was extremely painful. I was only able to eat about a fifth of the bowl, and gave up, exhausted. But I gotta get my nutrition somewhere. So I whipped up a major immune booster: carrot and orange juice.


That should hold me over until lunch.

Saturday’s Breakfast

I love steel-cut oats, but they’re such a pain to cook. They take forever, and you have to constantly stir them so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. And we’re usually in a bit of a rush in the morning, so I’ve ended up eating “not quite done” oats on several occasions. Not yum. Not at all. Then I came across a tip in a magazine that changed my life, at least as far as steel-cut oats are concerned. So now, this is what I do: the night before, boil the water, add the oats, stir, let it cook for just a couple of minutes, turn off the heat, stir, cover, and walk away. Go to bed. Wake up in the morning, turn on the burner, add honey/spices/fruit/whatever, it’s done in less than 5 minutes. If it’s too soupy, just cook a little longer. If it needs more liquid, add a little soymilk. Perfect steel-cut oats in the time it would take to microwave a packet of instant oatmeal. LOVE! So this was our breakfast today, along with a cup of detox tea for me. Today is my last day of prednisone (I’ve been tapering it off for the last week or so) so I figure I can go ahead and start eliminating whatever crazy toxins all the meds I’ve been on have deposited in my system. I don’t intend to do a true detox, just a general shift to mostly foods that are going to make a positive contribution to my well being. Anyway, to our oatmeal this morning, I added honey, cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, and nutmeg. We picked 20 pounds of strawberries at a farm last week, so our freezer is stocked for a while. I got some of those out, along with some frozen raspberries and blueberries. Microwaved them in a bowl with a bit of honey until they got mushy, and used them to top off the oatmeal. Perfect.


Friday’s Dinner

I’m on my last couple of days of medication following my hospital stay, so I’m very excited about the potential detox on the horizon. I woke up Friday morning intending to get an early start on toxin elimination, then my husband requested pancakes for breakfast. We’d had an amazing date night Thursday night, and I was in the mood to make him happy (I mean, I always want to make him happy- but I was feeling particularly devoted to his happiness this particular morning.) So I made just enough batter (half whole wheat) for his pancakes, and whipped up my favorite healthy breakfast for myself: sauteed root veggie (purple potatoes in this case) and tons of wilted greens (kale) topped with 2 eggs, perfectly cooked so the yolks run through the veggies like a deliciously rich sauce. Yum! As much as I love coffee, I’ve traded it for green tea since leaving the hospital. Despite such a nutritious breakfast, I was really dragging all day- no energy whatsoever. And, with several painful lesions cropping up in my mouth, I was generally uncomfortable. I baked up a couple of ripe plantains which my daughter and I munched on for a light lunch, along with about 16 ounces of carrot juice. I took a pain pill and dragged myself to the shower, and we headed to the beach/boardwalk for a late afternoon family outing. While not exactly painful, the general discomfort of a pending flare is draining. So once the medicine took the edge off, I felt my energy returning and felt much better. I’d also juiced 2 cucumbers, a bunch of celery, and 2 green apples before we left the house. This generated about 32 ounces of juice, which I drank in the car on the way. So, maybe that had something to do with how much better I was feeling, too. We had a blast out at the beach, riding rides, playing games at the arcade, and watching the surfers.

I was surprised that I had the energy to cook when we got home, after being so lethargic all day. But I was still feeling great. So I broke open 2 big bags of frozen cauliflower and steamed them with lots of garlic, put in a couple spoonfuls of vegenaise, and blended everything up with an immersion blender. Mashed cauliflower is my new favorite thing. Love, love, love it. It made a perfect bed for chicken breast (they were pretty big, so I only ate half) and a few slices of kielbasa sausage. The sausage is the only thing I ate all day that I know I probably shouldn’t have eaten. Microwaved a Steamfresh bag of peas and mushrooms, and toasted up some sesame ezekiel bread (topped with smart balance omega-3 spread). Not sure how healthy the Smart Balance spread really is. Plain olive oil would probably have been better. I have a small tub of olive oil in the fridge that I salted and am waiting for it to harden up to a spreadable consistency. It’s been in there for several days, and thickens up more every day. I intend to use it in place of butter or other spreads once it’s ready. At any rate, a tall glass of carrot juice (with a shot of orange juice) rounded out dinner.

Ok, I realize I need to work on my food presentation skills. I didn’t know I’d be starting my blog with this meal when I plated it up. The garlicky juices from the peas/mushrooms look kind of gross running all over the plate, but it actually provided a delicious sauce to dip the bread in, and served as a sort of gravy for the meat and cauliflower. Certainly more yummy than it looks.