Feeling great this morning! Mouth is significantly better (thanks to all who were praying for me!)

Excited to try this recipe from Nourishing Meals. (You can buy the book here- – it’s awesome.)20130518-124535.jpg


Based on what I’m reading in The Immune System Recovery Plan, I’m considering a more strict elimination diet. I’ve realized that dairy definitely triggers an inflammatory response for me (sinus congestion and headaches). Without having eliminated it, I never would have noticed the difference. Cheese has always been one of my favorite foods, so this is a little sad for me. I remember seeing one of those tattoo shows where a dude got a tattoo in memory of cheese because he couldn’t eat it any more for medical reasons. My love of cheese is close to his level. Not quite, but close.

The Immune System Recovery Plan recommends that you initially eliminate gluten, dairy, corn, and soy. Based on my self-assessments, I likely have leaky gut syndrome. She (the author, Susan Blum) suggests also eliminating eggs if you have this issue. I have already eliminated gluten for some time now, and eliminating dairy will be pretty easy since I’ve severely limited it and I now know the negative effects it has on me. I’m going to try to eliminate the other 3 (corn, soy, eggs) for three weeks or so, then slowly reintroduce to see if any of these have similar negative effects (like dairy does).

This pancake/waffle recipe is perfect! I made a double batch of the mix to fill up my container. Then made a double batch of the waffles to have enough leftover to freeze. I was skeptical of the no-egg situation. No need. They’re awesome. Topped ours with ghee (yes, it’s dairy, but from what I understand won’t cause a reaction because all the proteins have been removed and it is actually very healing to the digestive system because of its high levels of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that reduces inflammation and balances immune cells in the gut) and a sprinkling of xylitol for sweetness.




Lunch was a veggie rice bowl. I mixed in some umeboshi paste with the rice. Sautéed frozen veggie mix (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) with onions, and topped it off with vegan cheese sauce. This was the first time I’ve used umeboshi paste, and I used just a bit too much, so the rice was pretty salty, but it was still good. Umeboshi plums are supposed to be great for the digestive system (my biggest concern) among other things. Here’s a link for more info about umeboshi.


Dinner was Moroccan Roasted Chicken from Nourishing Meals.


And mixed greens with this homemade salad dressing. I didn’t pay close attention to the measurements. Just kind of eyeballed it. And mine came out really garlicky. I think it’ll be fine after it marinates overnight and the vinegars mellow out the garlic, but it was overpowering.



And an alkalizing green juice. This yielded more than 32 ounces. Yum! I missed my green juice yesterday.