Quinoa muffins and mini-quiche with watermelon. Strawberries and chia pudding. (Yes, I almost forgot the pic. The quiche is missing a couple of bites.)


Leftover buckwheat pizza.


Alkalizing green juice. Celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon.


Pecan crusted chicken on a bed of romaine. Rosemary roasted root veggies. And roasted cauliflower with garlic and onions.


Generally feeling ok today. Starting to notice trends in my energy level. I usually feel great first thing in the morning, then get tired after breakfast, then feel exhausted and about to pass out in the early afternoon. Then I get a boost of energy around 8pm. This leads to me trying to do too much late at night and not getting to bed early enough. And I really struggle through the bulk of the day because I am so freaking tired. Just the severity of my exhaustion varies depending on how badly I’m flaring. A lot of what I’ve been reading describes similar energy patterns as a symptom of low functioning adrenals. So, one of my main goals moving forward is going to be getting on a more manageable schedule. This will be a challenge with my non-napping 2 year old, and my life-long night owl tendencies. But my exhaustion during the day has been really crippling lately. I can’t think straight and literally stumble around because I can barely stand up. I dozed off on the back of my daughter’s head the other day while helping her with a learning game on the computer.

On another note… my natural doc has agreed to shorten the duration of doxycycline (Lyme treatment) as long as I do an herbal “tail” of samento and banderol for 2-3 months. Soooo, one more week of antibiotics and I can knock that off! Three more weeks of antifungals, and that should be done. Hoping I can detox from all that and be primed for tapering prednisone by my next appointment! I got the sense that he felt he was going against his better judgment by cutting the antibiotic treatment short. But I’m balancing here between conventional and natural medicine and the information I’m getting is completely conflicting. And I’m no scientist. Besides, if the scientists can’t agree on this issue (Lyme disease in general) how are regular people supposed to make educated decisions about their own healthcare. It’s a crapshoot. So I found a bit of a compromise that I think will work for me. For now, anyway.