Tried to make a double batch of waffles this morning, but apparently brain wasn’t completely functioning- I doubled all the ingredients except the almond milk, and didn’t notice until after I’d already scooped the extremely thick batter into the waffle maker. Soooo, it only made one batch. But, amazingly, they were still very tasty. Not sure how that worked out.


Picnic in the park for lunch. Sandwiches (black bean hummus, roasted red peppers, spinach, sauerkraut), grapes, watermelon slices, and sweets/beets chips. And iced mullein tea.


Dinner was leftover chicken soup. Still so delicious.


Early in the afternoon, I was feeling pretty tired. Actually fell asleep in the car on the way to the park (I wasn’t driving!) I’ve got several teensy tiny lesions cropping up, and I was feeling a twinge at the back of my throat and some slight congestion, signaling that I’ve probably caught what’s been plaguing my daughter and husband all weekend.

So I bumped up my fluid intake to try to flush things out, took an Epsom salt bath, put a few drops of therapeutic grade frankincense oil under my tongue, sprayed an air freshener/disinfectant made with thieves oil throughout the house (boosts immunity and kills germs), and put Young Living’s Purification Oil blend on the soles of my feet. As I lay down for the night, I feel really good. The twinge in my throat is gone. I don’t feel exhausted, just ready for sleep. And the lesions seem like they will be minor and heal quickly. I am feeling so grateful for so many things right now. Grateful that I was well enough to enjoy a day out with my family (and that my husband and daughter were well enough, too- and that I was able to nurse them through their recent illnesses with NO toxic medications whatsoever). Grateful that I was well enough this evening to read to my daughter. That doesn’t sound like much, but it can be painful to talk with lesions in your mouth, so nighttime reading had become a rare thing for a while. Instead, we were using “read to me” books on my phone from ABCmouse (LOVE technology!) But it’s so much more engaging to read actual books and she gets to hear MY voice telling the story.

And just grateful that I am here with my family. The sister of an old friend was hospitalized around the same time I was back in January. Her condition was much more serious than mine, but I identified with her experience, having just gone through something similar myself. She got better and was released, but had to go back a couple of weeks ago, and had been on a ventilator and fighting for her life until her heart gave out this morning. She was just a few years older than me, and her youngest child is the same age as my daughter.

I sometimes forget how serious and scary my hospital experience was. It’s not something I can dwell on. I get caught up in day to day life and forget how fleeting it (life) can be. Even with my health issues, I think, “I’m young, I’m doing all the right things (that I know of)… I’m still sort of invincible.” The loss of my friend’s sister is a reminder to actively cherish the life I have right now. It’s not perfect. I have struggles. But it’s wonderful. And it’s mine.