Had a little bit of a lesion outbreak that I started noticing late in the day yesterday. Two on my lip, two inside my cheeks, one on my tongue… all minor, but irritating, and seemed to be ready to grow into a major problem. I started using the dexamethasone mouthwash more regularly (I’ve been avoiding it, not wanting to disable my immune system even more than the prednisone is already, given the respiratory bug that’s been plaguing our house). But they (the lesions) seem to have calmed down today. I was a little nervous, but I think they’re going to head out before they become an issue. Whew!

Breakfast was homemade granola (from the Immune System Recovery Plan) with apples and almond milk.


Dug some stuff out of the fridge to juice with lunch.


And had the juice with leftover rosemary potatoes and a jarred, organic white cabbage and baby beet salad.


My daughter’s favorite treat when we go shopping at the health food store. She loves her some seaweed snacks. But she let me eat a few.


And MY favorite treat when we go to the health food store: kombucha.


Snacked on these and some trail mix during nap time.


And juiced this stuff. That’s a lot of ginger. Very spicy. But I want to fire up my gut and get to the next level of health before I go in to see the integrative doc at the end of this month and discuss tapering off prednisone. I’ve got to be strong and ready.


Dinner was a microwaved burrito. I topped it with fermented carrots and cauliflower. That sounds weird, but it was actually really good. So far, fermented veggies seem to work well with any savory dish that could use a little extra salty flavor. And they improve digestion of whatever you’re eating.



Waffles and apples for breakfast. Actually made the recipe correctly this time. Topped it with ghee and honey.


Lunch was an open faced black bean burger with tomato and sprouts, roasted beets, and fermented carrots and cauliflower. Second successful ferment. Woo-hoo! Made four jars of this stuff. When I get the dysbiosis in my gut under control, eating these on a regular basis should help maintain all the work I’ve done. They’re loaded with natural probiotics.


Had two spoonfuls of cashew butter and honey before working out. And had a glass of L-glutamine and a teaspoon of coconut sugar in water post-workout. Did P90X Legs and Back, and Ab Ripper. Felt good. Will probably be sore in the next couple of days.

Pumpkin smoothie snack time! Just canned pumpkin, frozen bananas, 5 prunes, vanilla, and pie spice.


And leftover fish soup for dinner. Topped with smashed avocado. Perfect.


Still have some odd lesion-action going on my lower lip, but it’s minor. And I’m doing great otherwise. Still seem to have avoided the plague that hit my daughter and gave my husband pneumonia. Not sure if I’m in the clear yet, but so far so good.


Breakfast was millet porridge, with leftover cooked millet, almond milk, vanilla, stevia, pie spices, and pomegranate seeds.


After a couple of hours messing around in the garden, I was exhausted and hot. This pomegranate chia fresca was the perfect solution. Sweet and hydrating, and the chia seeds are like little balls of energy. Totally reinvigorated my day.


Lunch was tomatoes with daiya cheese broiled in the oven, then topped with homemade fermented radishes (super excited they came out great!), chives, and avocado. Delish!


Here’s my radishes. Spiralized them, then put them in a jar with peppercorns, rosemary, and salty water. Put the jar lid on loosely, covered with a cloth, and waited a week. I just knew I’d open that jar and discover a bunch of mold and horrific smells. But they are absolutely delicious. Tastes like sauerkraut. I can’t wait to ferment more veggies. They should now last about 6 months in the fridge, and are chock-full of probiotics.


Dinner was Mexican meatballs (seasoned with homemade salsa verde) and sautéed Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Meatball ingredients: 1 lb grass-fed beef, 1/2 cup carrot pulp (from juicing), 1 cup cooked millet, 1/2 cup raw salsa verde (garlic, onions, green tomatoes, poblano peppers, green peppers). All processed in the food processor (this eliminates the need for a binder like eggs), rolled into balls, browned with olive oil in a pan in the stovetop, then finished off in the oven for half an hour or so.

The veggies were just garlic and onions sautéed in olive oil with the frozen Brussels sprouts. Then I added a previously underbaked sweet potato until everything was nice and caramelized. My original plan was veggie-stuffed sweet potatoes, but had to improvise when I realized the potatoes were way underdone.

Oh- and salsa verde dipping sauce. Cooked raw salsa verde with some veggie stock and arrowroot powder.