I’m on a roll- feeling great 3 days in a row! Have another busy day today. Breakfast is a bowl of brown rice, diced roasted carrots and parsnips, an egg, avocado, and raw sauerkraut.


Had a picnic for lunch. Sorry no photo (forgot). It was pecan crusted chicken strips drizzled with honey (local, raw) mustard and wrapped in romaine leaves. Plus apples, grapes, and gf sweet potato oatmeal cookies. And pirate’s veggie booty.

Drank lots of this today. May not be the best brand, since it does have added citric acid. But it’s the only one my local store had in stock. There’s another brand (coco one? I think) that is just pure coconut water. That’s a better option if it’s available.


Snacked on the last of the healthy brownie bites, 2 pieces of dark chocolate (with chili pepper!), and a glass of unsweetened almond milk with stevia and pie spices.

Side note about almond milk: the Almond Breeze brand contains carrageenan. Silk does not. You do NOT want to be consuming carrageenan. Here’s why.

Considering that nearly all chronic illnesses are a result of inflammation, and often originate in gut inflammation, whether it causes recognizable digestive issues or not, the available science seems pretty clear that this stuff should be avoided. I’m appalled that they put it in infant formula. So glad my girl was mostly breast fed.

Dinner was leftover Alfredo lasagna (almost vegan) and grilled chicken.


Quick note on the headache I had last night and a miraculous performance by an essential oil blend. I was having a hard time falling asleep and the headache was getting worse. I drank 16 ounces of water with a tincture of milk thistle and rubbed Young Living’s PanAway essential oil blend where it hurt- my neck, shoulders, temples, and forehead. If I could’ve rubbed it behind my eyeballs, I would have. The pain started to subside almost immediately. Within half an hour, it was completely, COMPLETELY gone. I’ve never had serious migraines, but my headaches are no joke. I learned in high school that if I didn’t quickly take something for the pain, I’d end up wanting to cut my head off. So this practice of avoiding pills in favor of natural remedies has been a little nerve-wracking. I’m always scared it won’t work and I’ll regret not taking a pill sooner, before the pain sunk its claws in. But, so far, so good. I love being able to do something to relieve my pain that isn’t toxic to my body. When it comes to essential oils (and possibly some other kooky home remedies) I have to say I am becoming a believer. That was just crazy how fast my headache went away. Crazy!


Woke up feeling great today, despite not sleeping well last night. Determined to take full advantage of it!

Quick breakfast before a play date. This is now one of my favorites. Brown rice and diced pepper, two fried eggs, avocado, and raw sauerkraut (getting in those fermented veggies with lots of good probiotics!)


Felt a slight slump when we got home around noon and didn’t feel like putting together a real lunch, so we had brownie balls (they’re healthy!) and almond milk. My daughter loves these, and I love that she has no idea she’s eating walnuts, prunes, chia seeds, and maca powder.


Snacked on blueberries.


Then my energy slump ended and we got out in the garden. My amazing husband built these beds and installed a sprinkler system so we can expand our gardening efforts this year and have more homegrown, organic produce.

We moved our compost bin and found this guy growing out of a hole in the back of the bin. My husband says it’s a papaya tree. To get it out, we had to rip some of the roots, so we’re hoping it survives the transplant. But that was pretty exciting.


The pepper and tomatillo (I think) bed. The three baby plants in front were started from seed. I had a mishap with my labeling system, so I’m not 100% sure what they are. Either tomatoes or tomatillos. I’m going with tomatillos. We shall see.


The tomato and Swiss chard bed. Several tomato varieties and both red and yellow chard.


The herbs. And a few spaghetti squash and honeydew melon sprouts that need to be transplanted later.


We also planted a couple of lavender plants today. Looking forward to making nighttime tea with that.

Almost forgot to take a pic of my red beet elixir. Just beets and apples. Super sweet and refreshing after an afternoon sweating in the garden.


Dinner is a variation on fettuccine Alfredo from Nourishing Meals. Seriously, everyone needs this book. It’s amazing.

Here’s the recipe.


Loving my spiralizer. Turned 2 zucchini and a yellow squash into fettuccine noodles.


Rosemary, sage, and basil from the garden.


Everything on the stove. I made a double batch of the Alfredo sauce so we’ll have more for later. I’m thinking gluten free white lasagna…


And the finished product. Served with leftover roasted carrots and “carsnips” as my daughter says.


So excited to have had such a good day. I haven’t felt this good in a while. Not only did I have energy, but I felt clear in the head. Sharp. Like I could think straight- which has been a struggle most days lately. Feeling very grateful.