Had a great day. Intense service at church, then got some one on one time with the hubs. Not much improvement in my mouth, but it’s certainly not any worse, and my energy level was high all day. So I’m extremely happy and grateful for all of that. As soon as the sun went down this evening, I started to feel some exhaustion setting in and the pain in my mouth was amplified a bit. Not a big deal. Hopefully just a sign I need some rest and will be recharged by morning.

Today’s breakfast was an avocado fruit bowl with pear, persimmon, hemp seeds, and macadamia nuts. Delicious, but a little difficult to eat (given my jacked up mouth situation), so I ate half before church and finished the other half after we got back. Eating certain things is just a long process when you can’t manipulate your food with your tongue and you have to try to avoid irritating the tender spots, which is hard to do when they’re all over.

Here’s the recipe from Nourishing Meals. (Please see my resources page for a link to purchase this book. ┬áIt’s amazing.)


We didn’t have any fresh mango on hand, but if you’ve never tried a persimmon, they’re really sweet and delicious. Great substitution.


Easy comfort food for lunch.


With a smoothie. That’s frozen strawberries, half a banana, kale, and 3 dates in the blender cup. I added almond milk, vanilla, sexy hot chocolate mix (cacao, carob, maca), and a few drops of stevia.


Dinner was frozen leftover red lentil soup from a couple of months ago. I’ve got to make that stuff again. It was really really good. And I ate half of a mini raw vegan cheesecake I made a few weeks ago and froze.