Felt really tired today. No aches, no lesion issues (still healing, but much better), no extreme debilitating exhaustion. Just really dragging. We traveled a few hours away for a (distant) relative’s funeral, and I slept most of the 3 hours there and 3 hours back. I think my body needed a day to recharge.

Breakfast was hazelnut crackers and pear goat cheese. (Excited to be having some sort of cheese again. This was not raw cheese, which would be ideal. I did find raw goat cheddar at Whole Foods.)

Lunch was roasted beets, grapes, and watermelon eaten while on the road. I forgot to take my afternoon supplements today. Too busy sleeping, I guess.

Back home for dinner: chicken soup and greens with orange vinaigrette.


And for dessert, a few squares of orange flavored dark chocolate and a glass of goat milk. So rich.


Still feeling pretty good. Lots of cleaning going on around here today, so I know my energy level must be up if I’m motivated to clean. Either that, or my house is REALLY dirty.



Applegate Farms turkey and hummus on gf bread. And chia pudding.


Carrot-Orange-Ginger Juice.


So far (I’m on page 17) this seems like one of the most promising books I’ve read during this process of trying to heal myself. My integrative doctor was in the middle of it at my last appointment, so I’m thinking this will likely influence my treatment plan moving forward after my next follow-up in 8 weeks.


Green juice: cucumber, celery, kale, bell pepper, apples. Oh- and that’s my new spiralizer in the background. Going to try to incorporate more raw foods into our diet, and that thing is supposed to turn zucchini, carrots, etc. into “noodles”. We’ll see…


Was craving a warm, sweet drink. This is almond milk with stevia and pie spices. And a raw cookie ball. Delicious combination. The “cookie” is cashews, walnuts, and almonds blended up in the food processor with dates and coconut oil. And my research material in the background…


My raw vegan cheesecake is complete! Crust is Brazil nuts blended in the same way that I mentioned above about the raw cookie. The “cheesecake” is soaked almonds, lemon juice and zest, and agave. And I topped it off with strawberries sweetened with agave.


My actual serving size. This is definitely healthi-er, but it’s pretty sweet with all that agave, so moderation is still important. Especially with my candida issues.


Somehow my pics got jumbled, but what follows are the various ingredients and stages of preparation of stuffed cabbage. I sautéed grass-finished beef with garlic and onions, then threw in chunks of carrots and greens leftover from juicing to boost the nutrition, then threw in some brown rice to stretch this very expensive meat a bit further. Put the mixture in the cabbage “cups” and baked them, covered with a little extra water in the bottom of the pan to help with steaming, until the cabbage was tender.






Never got to eat them, because my timing was off. I also made mini gluten free/dairy free pizzas, which were ready and eaten long before the cabbage was done. So we weren’t hungry anymore. Upside: lunch or dinner for tomorrow is done.


Friday’s Lunch

Pretty good for frozen pizza. Can’t wait to make my own gf pizza crust. One of these days…


Juiced this stuff for an alkalizing green drink. Didn’t even put in any fruit. I was craving as much of that green stuff as I could get- without the sweet. Very strange. This hit the spot.


Also made a sweeter red juice from beets, red peppers, radishes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. There’s a LOT of radishes in there!


Wednesday’s Snack II

Adapted a recipe for raw brownies to make these raw brownie bites. Ingredients are: cashews, raw cacao, himilayan sea salt, extra virgin coconut oil, vanilla extract, medjool dates, dried figs, dried apples, raisins, and stevia. I think I ate the equivalent of about 4-5 balls, but can’t be sure, since they never made it into ball-form before entering my mouth. These are soooo good and totally satisfy a chocolate craving. They remind me a lot of Lara-bars. I’ll probably be experimenting a bit with this recipe in the future. Maybe make a blondie version?


Monday’s Lunch

Hanging out at my Mom’s this afternoon. Put together a hodge podge of acceptable foods from her fridge. The deli chicken is nitrate/nitrite free. The berries and apple are pretty low-glycemic (thinking in terms of how they might affect the candida infestation I’ve got going on) but the banana may not have been the best choice. Also had a mug of green tea.


Also had a big bowl of watermelon. I feel like this was a good choice to help with my hydration issues. It’s so hard to force myself to drink when it hurts. But, somehow, eating watermelon was easier.

Got the green light from my doc to start taking fluconazole again immediately. Going to try 10 days on, 10 days off again. I have an appointment with him exactly 10 days from now, so I’m sure we’ll be making lots of adjustments to my treatment plan at that point anyway.

Saturday’s Lunch

Shrimp fried rice. Sautéed loads of ginger and garlic in olive oil, added chopped peppers, grated carrot (actually leftover carrot juice pulp that I freeze for things like this), peas, broccoli, and shrimp. Then added cooked brown rice and seasonings- tamari, liquid aminos, and fish sauce. When everything was almost done, I cleared a space in the middle of the pan to scramble 3 eggs, then mixed those in with everything else.


And a little chocolate chia pudding for dessert.


Saturday’s Breakfast

Quick bag of homemade trail mix and a mug of green tea before heading to the gym.


Had a fantastic workout. Did a body pump class, and felt like I still had a bit left in the tank, and baby girl was having a blast in the nursery, so I jumped on the elliptical for a bit.

I took a pic of the stats on the machine, but something’s up with my app and it’s not allowing me to post more than one pic per post through my phone. Once that’s resolved, that pic will go HERE.

I left the gym feeling amazing. I need to remember this feeling- for when I want to put off taking care of myself. At the moment, it’s obvious to me that taking care of myself has to be a top priority, and I’m willing to make sacrifices in other areas to make that happen. Once I’ve been well for a while, I wonder if it’ll be so easy.

Wednesday’s Snack

Found a way to (somewhat) contain the popcorn explosion.


Despite having to put a bib on it, I really do love this machine. We are eating popcorn every day. We were told by our pediatrician that our daughter shouldn’t eat it (or raw carrots or nuts) until age 4- said it was a choking hazard. I hope we don’t live to regret it, but we’ve begun disregarding that advice. She LOVES popcorn. And while I don’t give her raw carrots or plain nuts, she often gets nut chunks in bread. Every time she eats it, I watch her like a hawk. But none of it has ever posed a problem. Anyway, today I spritzed it with olive oil from the Misto and sprinkled fine Himalayan sea salt over it. Perfect.


Saturday’s Lunch

I was not prepared for lunch at the conference today. Ended up eating what was served, minus the bread on the sandwich. Hoping I didn’t inadvertently ingest any gluten. The chip ingredients are far from healthy, but I don’t think there was anything that breaks my gluten-free streak.


I’ve never been big on pickles, but that pickle tasted gooooooood. Wonder if that’s another sign of my tastes changing.

Oh- and just so everyone’s aware of what I had to resist.


Those are fudgy brownie cake pops which served as the center pieces and were offered for dessert. There was also an entire table devoted to candy (which was surprisingly easy for me to avoid- its the baked goods that are harder to resist.) Referring to the brownie pops, the ladies at my table were like, “Oh- come on! Just take one home!” I just smiled and shook my head. One lady said, “That’s willpower right there.” It wasn’t the time or place to launch into my whole story, so I just let her think I have lots of willpower. But if I’d had the time (and if she cared to listen) I would’ve explained that willpower has nothing to do with it. When you’re pretty convinced that a particular food is poisonous and can create a reaction in your body that could kill you, it’s a lot easier to resist, no matter how delicious it may be. But then I probably would’ve ruined her experience with her cake pop.

Wednesday’s Dinner

I ate mine without taking a pic, but this is my daughter’s portion. It’s just rice noodles with chopped tomato, basil, olive oil, and a bit of garlic salt.


I was still hungry and really struggling with the pain of eating, so I needed something soft and filling and delicious enough to really motivate me to eat it. And it needed to be super easy to make, since my energy was waning.


Super easy and I swear this is just as delicious as mashed potatoes. Wayyyyy healthier and actually easier to make. Five minutes in the microwave, it already has garlic in it. I just dumped it in the blender cup, added a tablespoon of heart-healthy vegenaise with grapeseed oil, and…. voila!


Sorry for lack of presentation. I was tired and ate it directly out of the blender cup. Easily consumed 4 servings of cauliflower on my own in less than 5 minutes. Well, my daughter had 2 bites, but I ate the rest. And it was just as yummy as a tub of KFC mashed potatoes. Seriously. Try it. So delicious.

Thursday’s Lunch

We had the bowl of grapes out all afternoon, so I’d been slowly working on those. Though my daughter ate most of them, I guess what I had was enough, since I wasn’t feeling motivated to come up with something for myself. I made my husband an awesome toasted sandwich- with sharp cheddar cheese, ham, tomatoes, avocado, and mixed greens on health nut bread. I need to find him a healthy version/substitution for ham. He’s Puerto Rican. And they LOVE their ham.

Anyway, I drank a lot of this around lunchtime.


We have 2 kinds of peppermint growing in our garden- regular and chocolate. My husband had been complaining about his stomach earlier (BEFORE the sandwich!) so I plucked off a few sprigs and made us some peppermint tea. Used honey to sweeten it up. I could tell my husband was NOT excited about drinking it when I took him his cup. But I heard him tell his sister later (who was also having tummy issues) that it was really good.