Happy New Year! (Time for the whole world to jump on board the healthy diet train! Yay!)

I love this time of year. Everyone is excited about healthy eating and ready to make tough lifestyle changes to achieve their goals for the new year. The rest of the year often leaves me feeling obsessive and extreme. But for these first few weeks of the year, I’m just like everyone else. It’s so fun to see everyone’s plans for detoxes, exercise goals, weight loss, and overall health improvement. For those with serious health issues, the changes they make this time of year could not only improve their lives, but save them.

I’m not making any plans for this year, choosing instead to stay submitted to God’s plan. Since I’m not clear on what that is yet, I’m doing my best to be obedient in the moment and take steps as I feel led. I think I have an idea of things He has in store for me, and it’s really exciting, but I’m learning to be patient and not jump the gun in my overzealous enthusiasm.

And since His mercies are new every morning (and apparently I’ve only been taking photos of breakfast lately), here are some paleo breakfasts we’ve been eating.

Fried egg with raw, fermented kraut, uncured bacon, and strawberries.


Eggs scrambled in grassfed herb butter with ham and greens. (with a little cheese, a cheat that left me slightly congested the next morning)


Juice. My cells say, “Ahhhhhhhh.”



And a decent almost-paleo breakfast at IHOP. Garden omelet with sausage, bacon, and fruit. Got lots of nitrates in the breakfast meat, but keeping sugar levels balanced is more of a priority right now. Avoiding grains helps me do that.


I logged so much of my life in this blog throughout 2013. You can see how challenging that year was for me. Hospitalization and steroids and pain pills and bad flares and arguing with doctors and experimenting with healing (and not-so-healing) diets and the all the expenses associated with overcoming a serious disease. 2013 was the toughest year of my life at that point. I was so excited for the fresh beginning 2014 was going to bring. Then my personal world collapsed early in 2014 and the emotional fallout from that has been extensive. Whereas 2013 was all about physical survival and healing, 2014 also became a year of survival, though of a different kind. And 2014 was, by far, the hardest of my life. I had no idea it was possible to experience that much pain without dying. There aren’t words that are dramatic enough to explain the trauma my soul went through this year. But as 2015 approaches, I am stronger and more fulfilled and whole and (dare I say?) happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m also sadder than I’ve ever been, but I have a peace and joy in my soul that overshadows all of that. So I know that regardless of what 2015 has in store for me, I am going to be ok- more than ok. Because my peace and joy isn’t dependent on my circumstances anymore. It’s deep in my soul and it’s not going anywhere. So come on 2015! I’m ready for whatever you’ve got! Good or bad! Because my God is all-knowing and all-powerful. He is in control. And He loves me. What do I have to be afraid of?

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (Time for the whole world to jump on board the healthy diet train! Yay!)”

  1. Your strength is amazing and I am so proud of you. I know that strength comes from God and I also know that His peace and love will continue to surround as He directs your path. I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for you and your little one. Love you.

  2. The world needs to read your posts…so raw and yet so positive and God-filled. I’m sure you’ve helped many in this journey He has laid before you. You living your life is paying it forward… The best gift ever! Know that I’ll continue to pray for you always and you have the support of many! Love you, Diann
    God bless (!) you as only He can!

  3. I think you’re the strongest person I know and I am so proud of you! I can pray for you and I know in my heart that He is always with you and will never leave you. Yet, it’s always been your choice and your decision to hold tight to Him and trust Him for answers in your life. I believe that God has great things in store for you and I love seeing how you honor Him with your faithfulness. Happy New Year, Sweet Girl! You are such an encouragement to me!

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