Prayer and Fasting

After another long stretch of inconsistency with my eating habits, I am feeling the need for a cleanse. My health has been good (no major flares, still medication-free), but there have been enough minor struggles to hold me back from the healthy, vibrant, active life I want to be living. With the holidays coming up, this seems like the perfect time. Twenty-one days of prayer and fasting should leave me in good shape to indulge on Thanksgiving (which also happens to be my 36th birthday).

Here’s my plan: Strict(ish) Paleo for the next 21 days, with liquid/juice fasts sun-up to sun-down on Wednesdays (to coordinate with my church’s weekly day of prayer and fasting). Sticking to consistent paleo will give my digestive system a break from the destructive effects of gluten and dairy, and the liquid fasts will go a step further and give my gut time to rest and heal whatever damage I’ve done eating potentially harmful foods. I’m not sure how the prayer part is going to shake out, but I’m learning to leave that part to God anyway. My intention is just to spend more focused time in daily prayer and see where He leads.

I started today (a Wednesday, so liquid fasting) with a glass of chocolate almond milk. Not the healthiest choice, but I’m ok with that. It’s delicious and satisfies my sweet cravings in the morning.

Lunch is fresh homemade juice. I swear I can feel my cells soaking this stuff up.



Going out tonight with my girls, so dinner will be tricky. It’ll be after sundown, so I’ll be able to eat, but finding paleo options can be a challenge at some restaurants. It’s a German place, so I’m planning on sausage, sauerkraut, and applesauce. While grass-fed/pastured sausage, raw fermented (instead of pickled) sauerkraut, and applesauce with no added sugar would be ideal, whatever they have will be close enough. (Hence the (ish) on my paleo.)

I would love to have prayer and fasting partners over the next 21 days! Who’s in?

4 thoughts on “Prayer and Fasting”

  1. Me, too. I second what Christy said. Good luck!!!!! My prayers will definitely include for you to be able to eat healthy so you can be the active, healthy person you want to be!!!!

  2. Hi there! I have a question for you…
    I have a friend that suffers with behcets, I use young living oils, is there any particular oil you have been able to
    use for any kind of of relief of the symptoms of the horrible monster. I just want to help her find some relief from something! It breaks my heart to see and hear her talking about what she deals with daily. Not that she complains to many, most would think she feels fine. I know better! Any help would be appreciated!!!
    God Bless

    1. I’m so sorry your friend is struggling with this. It can definitely be a monster. I know she appreciates your support. An understanding friend can make a world of difference! I use Young Living, too. Great choice! I’ve been able to replace conventional cleaning products and medications (slowly, over time, with the guidance of my doctor) with YL oils. That shift eliminated a lot of toxins from my environment, giving my immune system less to worry about, therefore helping to calm the autoimmune reactions. I have used oregano and thieves to minimize the fungal infections (thrush) that generally accompany oral lesions. I oil pull with coconut oil and oregano, and thieves mouthwash burns like crazy when I have ulcers, but it numbs them for a while, and I like to think it speeds up the healing process. The truth is, I’ve found very little that oils can do to directly alleviate my Behcet’s symptoms. However, my worst flares typically follow on the heels of some sort of infection. And using oils consistently seems to keep me well in this regard. We are constantly diffusing oils in our home, and use thieves on our feet every single night during flu season. I don’t have the arthritis associated with BD, but if your friend does, PanAway would be a great option for easing joint pain. If she has eye involvement, frankincense around (never in!) the eye could help. Rather than suggest a particular oil, I’d recommend that you get her involved with oils in general, using the Essential Oils Desk Reference to address any specific issues she has. Finding less toxic options for dealing with her pain will lead her toward healing. So will your love and friendship. She’s so blessed to have a caring friend who can share about oils with her!

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