What I’ve Been Eatin’

Today has been a long day. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been getting to sleep early enough the past few days, and it’s caught up to me. I have several oral lesions and I’m exhausted. I’d call it a mini flare. I’m still able to eat normal foods, it just takes a bit more time and effort. Planning on knocking out early tonight. Hoping that’ll jumpstart the healing process.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately:

Coconut butter is a new discovery for me. The Artisana brand is super delicious and way smoother than what I can make in my own food processor. Spread it on some pear slices- fantastic AIP snack.


This was breakfast, but it would work any time of day. Sautéed sweet potatoes with garlic and spinach, and my very own AIP meatloaf patties. I always make a double batch and freeze extras for quick meals when I’m tired or rushed (or sick). Love ’em!


This was my plate of food from a recent party. I brought a salmon salad for me and a dish of roasted garlicky broccoli to share so I’d be sure to have something to eat. But it turned out that there was more food that was AIP compliant at the party. My husband’s grandfather made a delicious baked yuca dish, and my mother-in-law smoked a brisket (she only used a tenderizer on it, which wasn’t ideal for my diet, but not a huge deviation from it). It was soooo delicious. And really fun to enjoy eating with a large group (without having my own “special” food). There was a lot at the party that I couldn’t eat, but I was full on this stuff. So it didn’t matter.


I’ve been having this for breakfast most mornings. AIP meatloaf patties made into an actual meatloaf, alongside mashed cauliflower or fermented cabbage (pictured here). And a big ol’ mug of bone broth.


This works as a snack or light lunch alongside a smoothie. Smoked salmon and olive rolls. The brand of smoked salmon that I use (Echo Falls) has only wild caught salmon, salt, and natural hardwood smoke as ingredients.


Off to bed! Hope the little one cooperates!

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eatin’”

  1. I hate to hear about the lesions. I hope you can get the rest you need. Also, glad you had things you could eat at the party.

  2. Praying that the lesions go away very quickly. Glad you are taking good care of yourself. Maybe you can find a way to let Miss O run down and tire out in the evening so she goes down earlier! Good luck with that!! I’m going to look for your coconut butter. Is it like apple butter? Sounds like it.

    1. Thanks! I’d say it’s more like a nut butter than apple butter, but it’s pretty different from that, too. It’s delicious. You can buy it on Amazon if you can’t find it locally in PSJ. (If you buy through the link on my site, I get 4% of what you pay, plus 4% of anything else you buy after using the link to get to Amazon. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I know I had a hard time finding certain obscure products early on (sometimes I still do!) and other bloggers linked up to what they were using through “affiliate links”. It was helpful for me, so I figured I’d do the same. And possibly make a little $ in the process.)

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