AIP Breakfast and Dinner, plus a Buttermilk Pie Smoothie (vegan and AIP-friendly!)

I’m on day 2 of 1 mg prednisone. Getting so close to the end! Planning to drop to .5 mg next week by splitting the pills in half. No major issues so far this week, though it may still be too early to tell. I’ve been really tired (despite getting a full 8 hours of sleep, I’ve been taking 2 hour naps in the afternoons, too). My skin has been sensitive-feeling, and my bottom lip seems to be taking its time healing. But the inside of my mouth is in great shape. Only one tender spot. I can’t remember the last time my mouth was this healthy. Certainly before I started the taper, so it’s been months.

I have not been super-strict about following the AIP (autoimmune paleo) protocol, but I still feel like I’m experiencing some benefits. For one, I’m having less cravings for sweets. And when I do have sweets (such as the buttermilk pie smoothie below) I’m quickly satisfied with just a bit of sweet fruit, like bananas or grapes. There have been several occasions where I’ve added a small bit of honey to something out of habit, and then found it to be wayyyy too sweet. I know that prednisone can affect the body’s ability to properly process sugar, so that may be having an impact as well.

Here’s a recent AIP friendly breakfast we had. Beef breakfast patties with baked apple slices (baked in coconut oil with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom) topped with coconut cream (from the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk, and mixed with a bit of vanilla and raw honey). Served with a mug of chicken bone broth (very healing to the gut with all those minerals and gelatin).


And an AIP friendly dinner: oven roasted lemon tilapia and veggies. I made a bed of red onions and sliced lemons, then layered on frozen tilapia fillets seasoned with Himalayan salt, turmeric, and garlic powder. Covered and baked for 20 minutes at 400, then uncovered it and poured on a layer of frozen Brussels sprouts and baked for another 20 minutes, turning on the broiler for the last 7 minutes. Only dirtied up one dish and got a quick (under an hour) nutrient rich dish, where many of the ingredients were cooked directly from frozen.


I’m reading a book that takes place in the south, and they mentioned buttermilk pie. Being a southern girl, this is one of my all-time absolute favorite desserts. It’s not quite cake, but not quite pie, and I’ve never been able to decide if it’s better warm or cold. But it’s crazy delicious, and the mention of it in my book sparked a vicious craving. I satisfied it with a smoothie.

I made vegan/AIP friendly buttermilk by combining coconut milk and apple cider vinegar (any acidic medium will work, such as lemon juice) and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Use about a tablespoon acidic medium per cup of milk. Then I poured it in my vitamix with a frozen banana, pinch of salt, splash of vanilla extract, and dash of cinnamon. Perfection. Sorry no photo. I was in a crazed state for my buttermilk pie and it didn’t last long enough for a picture. It would be really nice served with a spiced version of my date/nut cookie bites. But AIP doesn’t allow nuts and seeds, so I’ll try that later.

3 thoughts on “AIP Breakfast and Dinner, plus a Buttermilk Pie Smoothie (vegan and AIP-friendly!)”

  1. So happy that you are feeling stable on your taper but I hate that you’re being tired a lot. You may want the doctor to make sure you aren’t anemic—-it seems to run in the family!! Your food looks delicious, as always and the buttermilk smoothie is over the top! Great idea! Praying for your continued success on tapering and still praying for healing!

  2. The buttermilk pie discussion makes me want some. I would suggest using lemon juice to make the buttermilk since lemon juice is one of the ingredients that makes the buttermilk pie taste so delicious. I bet we could come up with a crustless pie using coconut milk if you are still eating eggs that would be delicious. Do you eat butter? Is the Ghee butter and is that what you use instead? Hope you get over being tired and glad your mouth is getting better. I agree with Sue that you might need to ask the doctor about anemia since you aren’t taking any vitamins. You might need a vitamin. Good luck! You are in my prayers.

    1. I’ve found the best combination is using both ACV and lemon juice. The ACV gives it more of a buttermilk flavor and the lemon juice gives it that freshness in the background. I’ve been adding 2 cups of spinach to it, too. Doesn’t change the flavor or texture at all. Just makes it green.

      No- I’m not eating eggs right now. Trying to stick to AIP as much as I can. Not eating eggs eliminates all possibilities of baked goods (it takes a lot of eggs to bake with coconut flour). It’s a good thing, though. It’s inadvertently restricting my sugar-intake even more.

      Yes- ghee is clarified butter. I use an organic, grass-fed one. It doesn’t affect me like regular butter or dairy products because the proteins have been cooked out- or something. For someone who is super-sensitive or allergic to dairy, it might cause problems. For me, it’s just good, filling, healthy fat.

      The fatigue has been the norm since I started the taper. Prednisone gives you energy, and since I’m only taking 1 mg a day, my body is having to learn how to make its own hormones to regulate my energy levels again. I think it’ll resolve itself as I continue to recover. Might take a while after the taper is done. I’ll talk to Dr. K about it when I see him, though.

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