Fantasizing about the end of prednisone…

Tapering off of prednisone SUCKS. I feel so unstable. Pretty much continuously on the verge of a serious flare (or actually having one, as evidenced by the 3 weeks I spent stuck at 10 mg). My original plan was to taper by 2 mg per week (I started at 20 mg). Everything was going relatively well until I hit 10 mg. I wanted to wait until I felt stable again to drop to the next level, but I’m not sure that would ever happen, and I’d likely just crash again at the new level, so I decided to go for it. I dropped to 8 mg yesterday, and so far so good. Still struggling with cold symptoms (sore throat, congestion, slightly feverish feeling) and a flare (of oral lesions) that I would classify as slightly worse than mild. But it’s all manageable. And I’m motivated to fight through it, thinking about the day I’ll be off this medication and my adrenals can start functioning properly on their own.

If I knew then (when I was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago) what I know now, I would have immediately eliminated grains from my diet. I learned early on that processed sugar exacerbated my symptoms, but it took a long time before I got rid of gluten (and it took nearly 4 years to drop grains), and I’m still struggling to eliminate dairy (had a few servings of goat milk this week and the acne to go along with it- not that I care that much about the aesthetic issue- it’s just a sign that my body isn’t processing it well). I saw a post on Facebook to the effect of: I never make the same mistake twice; I make it at least seven or eight times just to be sure. That’s me with dairy. When will I learn? I’m really happy with the grain elimination, though. My distended stomach (bloating) is significantly reduced, and I think dropping dairy completely and further minimizing sugars (honey, agave, dates) will help even more. And whatever is causing the inflammation in my stomach is likely the root cause of the autoimmune reactions that are happening.

As soon as I get off of prednisone, I intend to do a thorough cleanse. Not sure what form it will take (likely part juice cleanse, part SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) intro cleanse). I’m so excited for a fresh start without meds. And this is what I’m focused on. This is what keeps me motivated through these rough days. The idea that I can experience true health again. Without meds. Without constant fear that a little extra stress is going to send me spiraling into a debilitating flare. Without fear that if I eat something wrong, it’ll make me severely sick. Right now, that’s all a fantasy. But I WILL get there. And soon.

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