Hello, again.

It’s been nearly a week since my last post. And that’s after posting daily for almost 5 months. I apologize for dropping off the face of the blog-earth. Here’s what’s been going on.

My father suffered a stroke on Sunday. He’s improving, but has been in ICU all week.

I met with my integrative doc on Monday to discuss tapering off of prednisone. He said now is not the time, being in the midst of a stressful family situation. He said to call him when things settle down and I could start tapering by 2mg per week.

Then yesterday (Thursday) I started feeling like my throat was closing up on me. Got really hard to swallow anything and I had a fever (103) during the night. Saw my family doc this morning, who gave me a steroid injection and told me to double up on my prednisone dosage for the next week. I’m also taking a liquid antibiotic. I have to go back in to see him tomorrow if the fever doesn’t go away. At this point, just trying to stay out of the ER. We can NOT afford that.

In the past week, aside from a small scoop of hospital potato salad (which I don’t know what was in it), I’ve stuck to my eating plan, thanks to family and friends who know what I’m supposed to eat and have helped provide me with that.

Quick photo of something my good friend (a trained chef who develops recipes for magazines!) whipped up from random ingredients in my kitchen. Gluten free noodles, über delicious sauce, and a bit of goat cheese on top.


Now, though, I’m basically on organic chicken broth and hot tea with honey. It takes all day to drink 8 ounces because it’s so painful and causes me to choke. And until this passes, I won’t be able to be there for my mom and dad while he’s in the hospital.

I’m so disappointed and confused at this turn of events. I really thought I was turning a corner on this disease and was going to start tapering off this horrid medication. For some reason, God had other plans. And instead I’m doubling the medication on top of a high dose injection.

Last Sunday morning, my family went to church together, and it was a healing service. We went up to the altar and prayed- mostly for me and my mom (she has had some serious health issues recently). I felt like God told me I was healed. Then Sunday afternoon, my dad goes to the ER for an infection in his leg, and ends up having a brain bleed while he’s there (thank God that he was able to get immediate treatment!) And now I’m not too far off where I was when I had to be hospitalized back in January. So, I’m confused. Is this a test? I want to trust God. I do trust God. And I know that His timing is perfect and I am not to rely on my own understanding. And for whatever reason, all that has happened to us this week is for good. I do trust that. I just don’t know what to do to get through it. My faith feels a little shaky for the first time since all this started 6 months ago. I’m finding that I don’t know how to pray through this. I know God knows what I need, what my family needs. I always ask for His comfort and guidance. I guess now I just settle in, keep praying, keep listening for his guidance, and try to be obedient.

3 thoughts on “Hello, again.”

  1. I have prayed constantly for you, Dad and Mom. You may not be having a good day just try to find something good about the day. Know@ that I love you dearly. Aunt Donna

    1. Thanks, Aunt Donna. I love you, too. Thank you for the prayers. I’m doing better, spiritually, now. Future posts should be a bit more positive. 🙂

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