Felt really tired today. No aches, no lesion issues (still healing, but much better), no extreme debilitating exhaustion. Just really dragging. We traveled a few hours away for a (distant) relative’s funeral, and I slept most of the 3 hours there and 3 hours back. I think my body needed a day to recharge.

Breakfast was hazelnut crackers and pear goat cheese. (Excited to be having some sort of cheese again. This was not raw cheese, which would be ideal. I did find raw goat cheddar at Whole Foods.)

Lunch was roasted beets, grapes, and watermelon eaten while on the road. I forgot to take my afternoon supplements today. Too busy sleeping, I guess.

Back home for dinner: chicken soup and greens with orange vinaigrette.


And for dessert, a few squares of orange flavored dark chocolate and a glass of goat milk. So rich.

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