Didn’t sleep well last night (toddler issues), but still felt pretty good this morning. Been researching the Maker’s Diet, which has a lot of similarities to what I’m doing already, with some tweaks in the first phase (no grains, little fruit, limitations on types of nuts) and some exciting additions (goat’s milk and cheese, organic coffee).

I’ve eliminated gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and eggs for 3 and 1/2 weeks now. I need to make these changes to the new diet one by one so I can spot any reactions.

May as well start today. With two eggs on a bed of spring greens and avocado with orange vinaigrette. Yum. I’d really missed eggs.


Leftover frozen lentil soup for lunch. Love this stuff. This is the last of it, and lentils are allowed in the first phase of the Maker’s Diet (though other legumes are not) so I’ll be making more soon.


My mama made beans and rice with greens and chow chow from the farmer’s market for dinner. Thanks, Mom! Delish!


And a super alkalizing green juice. Gonna start a modified juice cleanse tomorrow. I’ll still be eating all my regular foods, but will also be consuming several detox juices throughout the day. Trying to detox WITHOUT losing any weight. Tricky.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Congrats on your journey to health! My husband and I try to follow the Maker’s Diet as well, we still have lots of reading to do but we find when we follow it closely we feel so much more AMAZING, physically and emotionally!! It’s so worth it!

    1. Thanks! I’m on a search for a source of raw goat’s milk and pastured eggs before I officially start the diet, but I’m excited about the potential healing benefits.

      1. I feel ya on that one! Because of finance we are only able to follow the basics and haven’t been able to purchase everything organic and raw, but even just following the guidelines has helped us immensely, so I know you will see a huge improvement, especially if you can follow it to a T. At one point I found raw cheddar cheese at Aldi, one of our local stores, though I believe it was cows’ milk. They had goat cheese, goat’s milk cheddar, and raw cheddar. And I believe I found good eggs at our Pricechopper. I don’t know where you are located but hope that helps! Best of luck on your journey, God Bless!

      2. We are severely limited financially as well, especially with all my medical bills. I’m in Florida, and we do have an Aldi somewhere nearby. I may have to check that out. We have quite a few farming communities in the area. I’m hoping to find a family owned farm that we can buy this stuff from. Or maybe we’ll just get my daughter a goat and some chickens as pets. Lol.

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