Totally struggling to stay positive right now. And it just seems ridiculous because I’m not even that sick. This flare is pretty minor. But I guess I had gotten excited that I was seeing progress, so I wasn’t mentally prepared for this setback.

Physically, I’m about the same today as yesterday. But emotionally, I’m dragging. I’ve been so focused, and working so hard, and my family has made so many sacrifices to help me get well. What if this doesn’t work? Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just being impatient? I’m so glad tomorrow’s Sunday. I need some church!

I had two slices of sandwich bread (gluten, egg, dairy, soy, and corn free) with ghee for breakfast.

And juiced half a fennel bulb with fronds, 5 big cucumbers, celery, 2 green apples, and kale. That’s a half gallon jar. Drank all of it throughout the day.


Lunch was leftover chicken soup and lemongrass tea (from the garden).

Dinner was sautéed sweet potatoes with spinach and garlic, fermented carrots and cauliflower, cabbage and beet salad (jarred), and rosemary garlic seed bread with olive oil.


And a smoothie for dessert. Frozen cherries and mango, banana, 3 dates, almond milk, hemp protein powder, and maca powder. Very rich and sweet.


4 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. We are so excited about our visit. I know the set backs have to be hard emotionally as well as physically but you are still really doing good and I am so thankful and feel so blessed,as your mother, to have you as healthy as you are and so thankful that you have been so strong and enduring these last 4 years. Hang in there.

  2. Don’t doubt yourself this way!! You are always so, so positive and you work so hard to stay well. I applaud you and you are an inspiration to me! Stick with the program! You are so blessed in so many ways and especially with a beautiful family who will support you in every way and love you unconditionally. Don’t put limits on them or yourself. You’re #1 Girl! I feel that if you need to do something different that God will show you or put someone in your path to guide you in whatever you need to do. I will be praying for you but want you to know that God is giving you a lot of power over this illness and he will be with you! By the way, your food looks beautiful, too!

    1. 🙂 I’m definitely sticking with it. I just had a weak moment and got frustrated. I imagine there will be more of those “moments” now and then. But I fully believe that, too… that God will show me if I need to do something different. The trick is hearing His direction and being willing to obey. Easier said than done.

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