Feeling great again today. My husband made breakfast. There’s spinach, cheese, and ham in that omelet. I topped it off with raw sauerkraut to aid in digestion. Notice one of the strawberries is shaped like kissing lips. Lol. That’s my husband being cute.


Spending the afternoon at a water park, so I’m bringing this stuff to eat. A peanut butter and banana wrap (gluten free), healthy brownie bites, and a baby food pouch (apple blueberry). And a big green juice for the ride over.


Used my extra Alfredo sauce to make this lasagna. GF noodles, spinach, basil, rosemary, oregano, tofu, jarred pesto, asparagus, and cauliflower. I watered down the sauce, and cooked it for over an hour since I didn’t feel like pre-cooking the noodles. Mixed the pesto with firm tofu to make a substitute for ricotta. The pesto had a little bit of cheese in it, along with some oils that I’m not sure about in terms of healthiness. I’ll be making my own super-healthy pesto from my flourishing basil plant pretty soon. But those 3 tablespoons of pesto were the only questionable ingredients in this lasagna. And lemme tell ya- it was melty, cheesy, toasty in all the right places. A little runny, but only because we didn’t wait and let it sit and cool a bit before cutting into it. Everybody loved it.



And made up these cookies. I was feeling creative tonight. Didn’t use a recipe for the lasagna or the cookies. Just kinda winged it and hoped for the best. The cookies have sweet potatoes, banana, baking soda, a little coconut sugar, coconut oil, ghee, vanilla, pie spices, and lots of oats.


Have a teensy headache tonight. Wondering if it’s dehydration from being in the sun all day (and not being able to track down any coconut water) or if it could be a reaction to the cheese in the omelet this morning or that tiny bit in the pesto. TMI alert- had some tummy issues at the water park today, too. Got a quick, bad stomachache, but felt fine after taking care of business. Again, just making note in case it’s the dairy causing problems.

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