Mini quiches with sweet potato crust from nourishing meals. Used a yellow and zucchini squash and spinach for the veggies. And several herbs from my garden: sage, chives, oregano, thyme, and basil.




They were taking too long in the oven, so I ate this while waiting. That’s earth balance spread on gf toast and a glass of iced chamomile tea. And the veggies, of course. Tongue is weirdly swollen today, so eating is a slow process, and tiring. I only ate half the veggies on this plate and saved the rest for later (see dinner).

I decided yesterday that exercise has been a major component missing from my healing regimen lately. I’ve been so tired and weak some days, and other days I’ve been so focused on researching nutrition and figuring out what plans to follow. Exercise really took a back seat. I’m going to try to change that in the near future, starting today. Walked 3.6 miles with baby girl in the stroller. Not sure if it was my weakness, or her increased weight, but it was slow going. Kept a 20 min/mile pace. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I put some lemon essential oil in my hair and let the sun do its work while we walked… free highlighting beauty treatment. Sweet! 😉

After that mileage, the balls of my feet were burning and my leg muscles were already a bit sore. Crazy! I can’t believe I regularly ran close to 10 miles less than a year ago, and now walking such a short distance is so hard. I put peppermint oil neat (not diluted) on the bottoms of my feet- worked just as well as biofreeze, by the way. Instant cooling relief.

And drank this smoothie to refuel. Macadamia nuts, kale, sexy chocolate mix (cacao, carob, maca), pumpkin seeds, almond milk, stevia, frozen banana, plus extra maca for more adrenal support.


And made these raw brownie balls to snack on, but they were so filling, they ended up being lunch. I just started throwing stuff in the food processor based on ultimate nutrition and paying little attention to taste. As a result, the brownies are edible, but not super delicious. I really should stick to other people’s recipes.

Anyway, they are mostly walnuts, with chia seeds, hemp protein, prunes, cinnamon, sexy chocolate mix, and a smidge of molasses. Baby girl likes ’em. But she likes anything chocolate.


And dinner was a twist on Kris Carr’s Buddah Bowl. Brown rice topped with leftover veggies and an avocado. And drizzled with Bragg’s liquid aminos. After I took this picture, I added kimchi on top to aid with digestion. Naturally fermented vegetables and all their probiotic benefits are going to be a staple in our diet soon, but I’ve got to figure out how to make them first. Till then, it’s store bought kimchi. I was worried that the hodge podge of flavors would be less than yummy. But it was really, really, really good.


One thought on “Monday”

  1. I am going to order that book today. Those quiches looked delicious. You don’t have to run 10 miles and you don’t have to run fast. Moderation is fine. Just enjoy. You are exercising.

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