Scrambled eggs with dill and asparagus for breakfast.


Had a juice date with a friend (and a play date for our daughters). Made this green juice (kale, parsley, fennel, cucumbers, apples, celery) and a sweet red juice (beets, apples, carrots, strawberries).

br />

Snacked on cinnamon sunflower truffles.


Lunch was random leftover veggies. Roasted cauliflower and a golden beet.


My daughter requested waffles for dinner. So I obliged.



Let me be clear that there is not anything healthy about this mix, except that its gluten free. Tonight’s dinner was a treat for us. The mix includes sugar and questionable leavening agents. But it does make delicious, fluffy waffles. We topped ours with earth balance coconut spread, maple syrup, and blackberries. I’ll be working on my own homemade mix soon, so there’ll be no need for store bought.

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