I’ve been totally preoccupied and forgot to take pictures today. Breakfast was quinoa muffins from the freezer and a big mug of green tea. Had watermelon as a snack. Lunch was leftover pasta with tofu and broccoli. And 34 ounces of coconut water (that stuff makes me feel soooo hydrated!)

Snacked on berries and bee pollen, and I finally remembered to take a picture.


Dinner was cinnamon sunflower truffles. Don’t judge. They’re healthier than they look.



I swapped out coconut oil for the olive oil and did not use any maple syrup. No need. The dates were plenty sweet. Super yum!

This recipe is from my new favorite cookbook: Nourishing Meals. It’s full of gluten/dairy/soy free recipes and offers lots of tips for raising healthy kids. So far, every recipe I’ve made from this book has been a hit. Loving it!

Post-dinner snack. (Since “dinner” was really just a snack anyway.) Real cheese and crackers.


I felt really good all day today. Tonight, I’m noticing lots of teeny lesions in my mouth. I can barely feel them, but they’re everywhere. I don’t feel tired or achy- which would signal a flare, so I’m not really worried. The thrush from the last flare is almost completely gone. My lip continues to heal, though it still looks really gross. I’m using the dexamethasone mouthwash diligently to control all these minis. Hopefully, that’ll do it.

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