Feeling soooo much better today!!! :)))))

Still look like a freak with my swollen lip, but I don’t care about that. The lip causes minimal interference with eating, so it’s not an issue. The tongue is significantly better, and overall pain/fatigue is pretty much gone. I’ll need to be mindful not to wear myself out today, but I’m super excited to be on the mend (again). Thank you, God! Prayers were answered with a “Sure- I can take care of that!” 🙂

For breakfast today, I made Tropical Quinoa Muffins with extra chia seeds for an omega 3 boost. It’s a variation on this recipe from the box of quinoa flakes.


I doubled the recipe, omitted the honey, replacing it with a combination of stevia and very little agave. I added crushed macadamia nuts and finely shredded coconut (hence the “tropical”). I only had 2 bananas, so I added in some applesauce to make up for lost moisture from the missing 2 bananas and the honey. And then sprinkled in some chia seeds for added nutrition. Plus vanilla extract and pie spices. I mean, every muffin needs vanilla and cinnamon, right? No matter what the flavor.

They were delicious! I have to say I don’t typically love the flavor of quinoa, but I don’t notice it in these muffins. Either that or I’m getting used to it.


Served ’em with apple slices and a dollop of organic full-fat yogurt and a smidge of honey. And a mug of green tea.

Lots left over to freeze and have later on rushed mornings when we have no time to cook.


Freezer meal from last month. Still good.



“Cookie” snack with a mug of almond milk, pie spice, and stevia.


Dinner was roasted golden beet salad and leftover stuffed cabbage. Though I’m feeling better, I’m still having issues, so I was only able to eat one of the cabbage rolls, and I couldn’t eat much of the leaves in the salad. But I finished off the beets and pumpkin seeds, which were delicious with an orange vinaigrette (oj, walnut oil, balsamic vinegar).


And an alkalizing green juice. Also added in a lemon at the last minute, for its alkalizing and detoxing properties.


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