Was not feeling well most of the day today. Woke up with a swollen tongue (one big, deep lesion causing a big mess) and feeling achy and exhausted. Speech and eating both definitely being affected at this point.

Couldn’t take all my supplements since some of the pills were too big to get past my swollen tongue. But I was able to take all my prescription meds.

Breakfast needed to be soft and easy. Enter quinoa flakes.


Started feeling marginally better in the afternoon. Swelling went down a bit, so I was able to eat better. But was feeling some pretty severe fatigue and having that sensitivity in my skin that makes everything hurt more than it should.

Lunch was steamed cabbage “pasta” with jarred marinara dressed up with daiya cheese and herbs from the garden- basil, oregano, and rosemary. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to eat it, but I did, though it was slow going. It was delicious, and was a hit with the hubs and kid.


And my daily greens: cabbage, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, apple.


By evening, I was feeling significantly better. Even got out to a workshop on gluten-free/dairy-free cooking. Energy level was back up, and overall pain/sensitivity subsided. Lesion was still painful, but less so.

On the way to the workshop, I drank a big glass of unsweetened almond milk. And at the workshop, they served (and I ate) a yummy raw vegan ranch dip with crudités and gf crackers, a quinoa cabbage roll-up with spicy tomato jam, homemade gf and egg-free bread, and chocolate chip cookies made with pumpkin seed flour.

Sweet husband made this for dinner (some kind of whitefish). It was delicious and I ate every bit with minimal problems.


It’s interesting that I started feeling better as the day went on. Typically, when I’m flaring, I get worse during the day, but may heal quite a bit overnight and wake up feeling better the next morning. Today was a total deviation from that pattern. Praying for more healing overnight so I wake up feeling great tomorrow! 🙂

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