My favorite pancake recipe. 1 egg + 1 banana. Done.

I added pie spices and vanilla, but its totally unnecessary. We’ve made the switch to organic eggs, despite the cost. In the past, I’ve only purchased them when they were on sale (which is almost never). But I’ll be getting the public greenwise brand until I can figure out how to get them straight from a local farm.



Did a Zumba class today. Always so fun and liberating. Sweated like crazy, so I’ve been craving coconut water all afternoon. Downed at least 32 ounces. And had a Larabar as a snack before class.

Lunch was a humongous, delicious salad. Love it when my mouth is healthy enough to handle crunchy leaves and citrus based dressing.


There’s about four cups of organic spring mix greens in there. With goat cheese, walnuts, avocado, tomatoes, and a big ol’ roasted beet. And everything is drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette: olive oil and hemp seed oil, lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar, Himalayan sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

And today’s juices… Alkalizing green: cucumber, celery, and parsley. And the orange is carrot-ginger. Very gingery.


Dinner was a microwaved burrito, dressed up with vegan sour cream and chopped culantro. It’s Amy’s brand. Gluten free and dairy free. Basically just rice and beans inside a gluten free tortilla. Simple, but good. And quick. And easy.


Had another Larabar as a snack before bed. It was the peanut butter cookie flavor. Delicious. And I totally think I can recreate it. It’s just peanuts, dates, and salt. How hard can that be?

I’ve had an odd pain in my cheek the last 24 hours or so. I thought it was a lesion at first, but it seems to be inflammation inside my cheek, rather than in the lining of my cheek inside my mouth. Totally not a big deal at this point, but just making note of it in the event that it happens to progress.

Otherwise, I’m feeling great! Lesions are healing, no thrush (super-excited about that since I’m not taking the anti-fungal medication anymore!), and energy level is good. Gonna talk to my doc tomorrow about attempting a prednisone taper. Hopefully my adrenals are working again and my hormones are more balanced than before, so I should be in a better position to tackle this. There may be some setbacks, but I’m heading in the right direction. And hey- maybe there won’t be setbacks.

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