Had an apple pie larabar and 8 oz of ginger lemon aid to take meds before heading to a “juice morning” meet-up with my moms club. 8:00 am is kind of early for us, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to hang with other health-minded moms, and to get some yummy “mean green” juice… that I didn’t have to prepare! The hostesses also served oatmeal cookies that I’m pretty sure are from the exact same recipe my mom used yesterday. I got lots of good info on local co-ops and gardening ideas.

Came home and had this for lunch.


And this. I love using real fruit instead of jelly in a pb&j. It tastes just as good and is so much better for you. This is smuckers natural peanut butter and grapes on gf bread.


And 32 ounces of more green juice! (And there’s no fruit in there to sweeten it up- that’s hardcore greens!) Ahhhh- this stuff is my life force right now. Love, love, love it!


Later in the afternoon, I drank about 20 oz of red beet elixir, 8 oz ginger lemon aid, and 20 oz more greens. I’ve been a little worried because I’ve had 3 small, but painful (just because of where they are) lesions along the edge of my tongue. And my energy level was lower yesterday than it has been. Tonight, though, I’m feeling really good. The lesions are still there, and they’re uncomfortable, but I don’t feel like they’re getting worse. So this was, perhaps, just a tiny wave, and its already receding. Maybe the juices are helping with that.

Dinner was organic steak fajitas with my homemade salsa verde and beans seasoned with vegan bouillon and homemade taco seasoning. Plus I threw a couple of handfuls of this into the beans.


It’s what leftover after juicing, and while its great for my compost, I hate to throw out good, nutritious greens. So I decided to freeze a package of flavoring mix/nutritional boost with kale, parsley, and celery. I also started a package of frozen kale by itself to use in smoothies. And I always keep a package of frozen juiced carrots to add in to ground meat and marinara sauces.

Anyway, here’s dinner. That’s daiyan cheese on top.


And more juicing for tomorrow. Here’s what went into the greens.


I made a few jars of carrot/pineapple/ginger juice that I’ll be sipping on tomorrow, along with a bit of ginger lemon aid still leftover from yesterday.

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