Gonna try a new format and see how this works. One main post per day should be more manageable than three. I usually post everything at once anyway.

Breakfast was gf toast, eggs, and avocado. With sexy hot chocolate (with maca powder). 😉


And juiced this stuff. Hello, my beautiful juicer. How I’ve missed you.


Lunch was a microwave meal. We had a busy day. No time to cook.


We had a house full of family at dinner time, and they ordered pizza. I was busy preparing for my juice cleanse for tomorrow, so it didn’t bother me too much that I couldn’t eat what they were eating. Sticking with the Italian theme, I had this instead.


Side note: just realized I gained 3 pounds while I was away the past week. This puts me only 5 pounds from my pre-hospitalization weight, which is good. But I wonder where it came from, and if it really is a good thing. I’m pretty sure I ate more sugar than I normally would have. It was still very limited, but there was sugar in the pancake mix, gf cookies, cereal, and cereal bars. And I think I ate more gf bread than I usually would. I am super excited that I got through the whole trip with nothing more than the usual minor lesions and a little tiredness. I honestly expected a significant flare. I guess I was just trying to prepare myself for the worst so it wouldn’t be so upsetting if it happened. But I am soooo happy it didn’t. And I think that is due in large part to the support I had from my family through the whole trip. My husband, my parents… everyone did what they could to minimize my stress and help me stay on track food-wise. I’m extremely grateful.

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