Going to try a juice cleanse today. I’ve modeled it after O2 Living’s juice cleanse. They recommend you start the day with warm lemon water, then drink a juice every 2-3 hours, along with 64 ounces of water throughout the day. There are 6 bottles of 5 different juices for this cleanse, 16 ounces each. I mimicked the juices based on the listed ingredients. My parents are going to try it, too. And we’re aiming for 3 days. This should be interesting.

Here’s what the juices look like. Almost a pretty little rainbow.


You’re supposed to drink them in order from left to right: signature greens, lemon ginger aid, red beet elixir, signature greens again, carrot cake (I had to modify this one since I couldn’t find golden beets), and almond delight.

Here’s what’s in signature greens. Fennel, kale, parsley, cucumbers, lemon, himilayan salt, and celery (not pictured).


Never juiced fennel before. It’s pretty good. And the bulb is full of good liquid.

I’m going to have to eat something today to take my medicines. (I never learned to swallow pills, so I have to trick myself by popping them in my mouth just before I swallow food. Weird, I know.) But I figure if I stick to raw fruits/veggies and avoid nightshade foods and higher glycemic fruits, it shouldn’t affect the detox too much.

As of noon today, I’ve consumed 40 ounces of lemon water, 16 oz signature greens, and close to 20 oz lemon ginger aid. I’m slightly hungry, and have had to pee a lot. I ate dried apples to take my meds, but no more than absolutely necessary. Trying to remind myself that the whole point is to give my digestive system a break, so the hunger is a good thing.

By evening, I was feeling about the same. Still hungry, but only slightly. It was hard to watch other people eating, but the feelings passed as soon as they were finished eating. I used a larabar (cashew cookie- ingredients: dates and cashews) to take my nighttime meds.

Overall, feeling really good. I feel a bit lighter and I think I have just a bit more energy than usual.

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