Traveling today, so I’m cutting myself some slack. I did get a pic of breakfast. Scrambled eggs on a corn tortilla with avocado and salsa verde. Strawberries and hot chocolate (almond milk, cocoa powder, agave).


Lunch was coconut spread and banana on gf bread and massaged kale salad. And an imuno-build greens drink.

Snacked on trail mix and gf cookies. And lots of hot tea.

And dinner was a microwaved carrot soufflĂ©. Around midnight. It took us almost 12 hours to drive what should’ve been a 7-8 hour trip. Along the way, we got a flat tire, fixed it, then almost lost the rear bumper, and had to pull over and fix that. Then a pebble got thrown up by a semi and cracked the windshield. It was pretty much smooth sailing after that, but it was NOT a relaxing drive.

Glad to be home and excited to start a juice cleanse or detox of some sort very soon!

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