Wednesday’s Lunch

My mom made a delicious homemade chicken salad for me, with roasted chicken, boiled eggs, dill relish, and vegenaise.


My mom has worked extremely hard to make sure I could stick to my diet while I’m here. She has shopped and cooked and slaved over complicated recipes with strange ingredients. And made adjustments to her usual recipes so that they’ll be healthier for me. And it’s hard to keep up with what’s ok- I tend to change how strict I am with my diet based on how I feel, with the only sure thing to avoid being gluten. Anyway, my point is that making these changes and living this way is impossible without a LOT of understanding and support from those around you. I’m extremely grateful to have that.

On another note, this visit has also reinforced my belief that to maintain a truly healthy diet, you have to clear all the bad stuff out of your kitchen. If it’s there, it will make it’s way into your mouth. For instance, I had a choice between sweet relish and dill relish for my chicken salad. I chose dill, since I was sure there would be some sugar in the sweet stuff, probably even HFCS. Looking at the dill ingredients later, I see that it has yellow #5. Why is that even necessary? We bought some popcorn for my daughter at the fair a few days ago, and noticed a label on the side that said it may contain 2 different yellows, #2 and #5, I think. I just don’t get it. Why is it necessary to make popcorn yellow? Why do we risk putting something created in a lab an potentially toxic in our bodies so that our food looks a certain way? What’s wrong with white popcorn and less yellow relish?

Anyway, I also had an imuno-build greens drink with 2 chlorella packets. I don’t love how this drink tastes (weird attempt at watermelon fruitiness), but I do feel like it alkalizes me a bit. It’ll do until I can get back to my fresh green juices. Ohhhhh how I miss them!


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