Wednesday’s Breakfast

Had to be up super early to take my husband to the airport this morning. Ate an orange and took my AM prescriptions (fluconazole, cipro, prednisone, colchrys) and hormones (pregnenolone, DHEA) with some traditional medicinals lavender camomile tea.


I took the rest of my morning supplements with this breakfast when I got back.


I wouldn’t buy this mix because of the sugar and leavening ingredients, but it does make really fluffy pancakes.



I’m feeling better today than yesterday. Both lesions seem to be healing, and I’m really excited that no new ones have cropped up. After getting up so early this morning, I took a long nap early in the afternoon. Night sweats continue to be a minor, but annoying issue. And I sweat just as much if I sleep in the middle of the day. Completely. Drenched. Warning- potential TMI statement coming up… But something that has me wondering about the hormones- I’ve had really sore nipples the last couple of days. I ignored it at first, but it’s undeniable now. Not a problem- and certainly not a reason to stop taking the hormones by any means. Just definitely a noticeable change and makes me wonder what it might mean. Pregnenolone is the “mother” hormone, from which most other hormones are made. So is it the pregnenolone that’s making them hurt, or some hormone that my body is making from it? Or the DHEA? But DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, so I don’t know how that might be connected. For now, I choose to assume that this is a sign that the hormones are working.

Update: the pain only lasted a couple of days and then was completely gone. Not sure if my body just adjusted, or if it’s unrelated. Should follow up with doc about it…

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