Monday’s Breakfast

Taking a day off from pics today since we’re traveling. Had a red juice in the car on the way to the airport: beets, red pepper, radishes, baby eggplant, and an apple. Ate leftover rice pudding and raw snickerdoodle bites to take all my meds. And a mug of green tea.

We’re having an interesting day so far. Traveling standby (my husband works for the airline, so we fly for free this way) and we missed our first flight. The baby woke up with diarrhea last night and we went through 4 diapers at the airport before we got on the first plane. She seems to be doing better now. Too much Easter candy, I think. Anyway, hoping to make our connection at the next airport… and I hope my adrenals are making enough cortisol to help me deal with all this stress! I’m feeling ok at the moment. Though I’m pretty sure I have poop on my shirt.

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