Thursday’s Dinner

Got home late, so it’s quick and easy tonight. Organic butternut squash soup out of a box, and gluten free/dairy free grilled cheese sandwiches.


Soooo much information from the doctor this afternoon. Don’t even know where to start. I’ll post more specifics in my current treatment plan later.

I’m not feeling as good tonight. I did not take fluconazole this morning, since I was supposed to do 10 days on/10 days off. Today was the first day “off”. By the afternoon, I could feel thrush creeping up my tongue. I have a lesion (currently small, but seems to be growing fast) on the mid-right side of my tongue. And a spot on my lip that I think started when I bumped my mouth with my two-year-old’s head, and it’s now turning into a lesion. So I guess my two day stretch of feeling perfect is over. I felt really good all day, but I’m feeling very worn out tonight. Throat is a bit scratchy as well. I took fluconazole as soon as we got home tonight, and will be filling a diflucan prescription tomorrow, as well as cipro (antibiotic) to combat a nasty infection of bad bacteria in my gut. I’ll also be starting a hormone (pregnenolone) and DHEA tomorrow. I’ve got to get some B6/B12/folic acid to help with a genetic issue that causes… something… to be too high. (I’ll come back and fill that in later.) And I’ve got to get a bifido-specific probiotic, since my gut has a lot of good bacteria, but absolutely none of that particular (and important) strain. Doc said I could scale back my vitamin D supplement from 10,000 IU to 6000. I was a bit deficient, but not nearly as much as he’d expected.

So, for now, I’ll continue prednisone at 20 mg for the next month. Doc is focused on cleaning up my gut so the other treatments can be more effective. Once my digestive system is working properly, we’ll attack the Lyme infection with doxycycline, switch over from fluconazole/diflucan to grape seed extract, and attempt to taper off prednisone.

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