Saturday’s Dinner

Made a recipe from the nutrition class on salads that I went to on Thursday. Roasted beet salad with orange vinaigrette and walnuts.


Beets have some amazing nutritional properties. But something I found online that was interesting (though I don’t know how true it is)- Eating beets can help you determine if you have low stomach acid (and therefore weak digestion). After eating a significant amount of beets or drinking beet juice, if your pee turns pink, you have low stomach acid and should take measures to boost digestion (probiotics, digestive enzymes, a bit of cider vinegar or lemon water before a meal). I definitely ate a big portion of that salad (and froze the rest) so I guess I’ll find out tonight…

And for dessert, pear slices drizzled in kefir. Very yum!


Had a great day today, health-wise. (And otherwise, but I’ll try to stay on topic.) The thrush is receding, the lesions are healing, so this wave is definitely on it’s way out. My energy levels are generally high (I had a mean afternoon slump today, but that green juice and a little relaxation took care of it.) Had a very productive evening and lots of plans for the day tomorrow. Need to do some planning and prep tonight to minimize stress tomorrow, but I’m feeling good, so I’m going to take advantage of it!

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