Monday’s Lunch

Hanging out at my Mom’s this afternoon. Put together a hodge podge of acceptable foods from her fridge. The deli chicken is nitrate/nitrite free. The berries and apple are pretty low-glycemic (thinking in terms of how they might affect the candida infestation I’ve got going on) but the banana may not have been the best choice. Also had a mug of green tea.


Also had a big bowl of watermelon. I feel like this was a good choice to help with my hydration issues. It’s so hard to force myself to drink when it hurts. But, somehow, eating watermelon was easier.

Got the green light from my doc to start taking fluconazole again immediately. Going to try 10 days on, 10 days off again. I have an appointment with him exactly 10 days from now, so I’m sure we’ll be making lots of adjustments to my treatment plan at that point anyway.

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