Saturday’s Dinner

Had an extra big green juice tonight to supplement what is sure to be a less than ideal dinner, since we’re going out to Beef O’Brady’s to watch the UFC fight.


Decided on a cheeseburger without the bun and broccoli instead of fries on the side. And drank water. Didn’t want to do a salad since I’m having issues chewing leaves, and they did have a veggie rice bowl option which would’ve been really good- if I hadn’t already eaten a ton of rice at lunch. So I just went with what places like this do best, and the burger was really delicious. The ketchup on the table had corn syrup, but the mustard ingredients seemed pretty clean, so I used that to dip the tomatoes and broccoli in.


Not the healthiest meal by far, but I’m pretty sure I avoided gluten, got in some veggies, and felt full and satisfied. Did not miss the bun at all. All the red meat and cheese may leave me a bit more acidic, but hopefully I can alkalize a little extra tomorrow with green juices.

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