Friday’s Dinner

Quinoa Pistachio Pilaf and a salad with poached chicken. The pilaf was good. Got it out of the Wheat Belly Cookbook (a gluten free cookbook). My mouth is hurting tonight, so I wasn’t able to eat most of the salad. Ate the chicken, olives, and alfalfa sprouts. But the lettuce and tomatoes were harder to eat. Had a glass of decaf black tea with stevia.


Midnight update: I ended up taking a pain pill tonight. I could’ve gotten by without it, but I feel sooo much better now that it’s kicked in and really wish I had taken it sooner. I was dragging and irritable all evening because I was so uncomfortable.

I just spent a full hour prepping my meds and supplements for the next week. Here’s what my pill boxes look like when they’re all ready. They barely close. The purples are morning, green is afternoon, and blue/clear are for evening.


And this is what’s all in there.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Dinner”

  1. Now I see the problem—–you aren’t always hungry because you have filled up on pills!! Just joking, Sweet Girl. Have to joke so I don’t cry. I am looking forward to the day when all these are not a necessity anymore. I know that day is coming!

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