Friday’s Snack

Didn’t really eat lunch today. Just lots of snacks.

Brown rice bread toasted in a skillet with extra virgin coconut oil, then sprinkled with cinnamon and xylitol. Sorry- started eating before I remembered to take a picture.


Kettle corn with coconut oil, agave nectar, and Himalayan sea salt.


Two squares of chocolate.


Coconut water.


And an alkalizing green juice: 2 cucumbers, a big green bell pepper, broccoli stalks, an apple, and a pear.


3 thoughts on “Friday’s Snack”

  1. Doesn’t look very filling! I would still be snacking! Waiting to see if your dinner was more substantial.

  2. That toast really looks good. I want to try some of that. I will have to let Nancy know you are using the xylitol. She is the one who recommdended it to me.

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