Saturday’s Breakfast

Quick bag of homemade trail mix and a mug of green tea before heading to the gym.


Had a fantastic workout. Did a body pump class, and felt like I still had a bit left in the tank, and baby girl was having a blast in the nursery, so I jumped on the elliptical for a bit.

I took a pic of the stats on the machine, but something’s up with my app and it’s not allowing me to post more than one pic per post through my phone. Once that’s resolved, that pic will go HERE.

I left the gym feeling amazing. I need to remember this feeling- for when I want to put off taking care of myself. At the moment, it’s obvious to me that taking care of myself has to be a top priority, and I’m willing to make sacrifices in other areas to make that happen. Once I’ve been well for a while, I wonder if it’ll be so easy.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Breakfast”

  1. Good for you!! So glad you’re feeling up to all that abuse! You are amazing and don’t forget it!

    1. Thanks!

      I think women do this all the time- they take care of themselves only when they are forced to (by a medical condition, etc.) I’ve got to remember that I have to take care of myself before I’ll be capable of caring for others. This is easy to remember right now, but I have a feeling there will be times down the line that I forget. And I know a LOT of women (most of the ones in my family!) that forget this daily. Hint, hint. 😉

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