Wednesday’s Dinner

Since the guy selling poblanos at the farmer’s market today gave me a deal to take an extra 2 baskets of peppers, I decided now might be a good time to make a big batch of salsa verde. I usually sauté all the ingredients before blending them, but I decided to make this batch raw. This way, it’ll hold on to more of the enzymes and nutrients. Plus, I’ll be re-cooking it anyway in dishes like what I’m making tonight, or in enchiladas or huevos rancheros.

So everything just goes through the food processor in batches. I used some veggie stock and olive oil to get things going, but these veggies have so much natural moisture once they start breaking up, it’s really not necessary.

Onions and garlic.


A little help from my sous chef.


Green tomatoes (I prefer tomatillos, but they can be difficult to find around here), poblanos, and green bell peppers.


I’m a wuss when it comes to spicy peppers, so I used a glove to seed them.


Culantro (or cilantro) and parsley.


Once everything was all blended up I mixed it in a ginormous bowl, then separated it into freezer containers. I see some rice and bean enchiladas in our future…

But for tonight, I’m topping my delicious (but failed) attempt at homemade tortillas with beans and rice cooked in…. salsa verde.



Always drain and rinse canned beans. I’m hoping that minimizes BPA exposure, or whatever funkiness might be in there.


Topped with tomato and avocado.



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