Thursday’s Snack

New combo for hot chocolate. Sweetened with agave nectar. With popcorn and a Survivor episode with the Hubs while baby girl takes a nap.


A note on Maca powder: I read about this supplement in the Crazy Sexy Diet book, and decided to get it because it’s good for the adrenals. I had to ask a worker at the health food store where it was after searching and searching. She pointed me to the back of the store near the bathroom on an obscure end cap. When I saw what was displayed with this powder, I thought, “What am I getting here?” Did you know there are all kinds of “natural” sex products and toys? There may have even been a vibrator on that shelf. I didn’t look long enough to be sure. I grabbed my Maca powder and ran. Lol. Anyway, upon further research, it is apparently good for the adrenals, and the sex drive. Watch out! šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Snack”

  1. Funny! Who would have thought? Good way to keep your sex life healthy! Buy your ‘products’ in a health food store. LOL.

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