2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Lunch”

  1. Wish my leftovers looked so good! We have a problem with buying avocado in my area. If its the least bit soft, then, it’s too ripe. We find them either very hard or black and mushy! Do you buy hard ones and let them ripen or is there a way to use the over-ripe avocado? Got any advice? I know you use lots of them.

    1. I dig around and try to get them at all stages of ripeness, so I always have one ready to go. They’ll ripen more quickly at room temp, or you can slow down the process by keeping them in the fridge. I’ve had to toss lots of avocados, though. Sometimes you just can’t tell till you cut it open. And if it’s rotten, there’s just nothing you can do with that. They’re expensive as it is, and wasting one really sucks. That’s why we bought the avocado tree. Hoping it survives and bears lots of $ saving fruit for us!

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