Tuesday’s Dinner

I love this dish. When I make rice, I make a huge pot and freeze whatever we don’t use. Makes it really easy to throw together meals like this. This has become particularly useful since rice is such a big part of a gluten free diet.

Here’s my ingredients. Not pictured: no salt added chicken broth.


Cooked the fish in a nonstick pan (no oil needed), deglazed the pan with chicken broth and added some rice, added in the avocado, culantro, lime juice and zest, and faux sour cream (only about 2 tablespoons).


Comes out sort of risotto-ish. Garnished with chopped parsley and some lime wedges (which my daughter apparently loves to eat- like an orange).


I also used salt and pepper. One of the insanely expensive things I bought today was Himalayan sea salt. Apparently, this sea salt is supposed to have a natural balance of minerals and trace elements, and is more easily metabolized by our bodies, helping to restore alkaline balance (one of my main goals).


I mixed it with some regular sea salt in my salt box- gotta stretch that dollah!

Another thing I bought today: chia seeds. Was going to mix them into my alkalizing green juice, but ended up soaking them in water and just drinking them straight. Really nice, nutty flavor. Anyway, here’s the ingredients for the juice.


That’s romaine, Swiss chard, a pear, cucumber, celery, and a bowl of chopped bell peppers.

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