Monday’s Dinner

After being so busy all day, I needed a simple dinner.


The tortilla looked a little weird, but it tasted really good. I spread a little tofutti sour cream on top.

And drank lots of juice. Sixteen ounces of red (carrot, red pepper, apple, beet) and 32 ounces of green (parsley, cucumber, green pepper, apple, celery).

I added a little orange juice to sweeten it up even more for baby girl. She couldn’t get enough.


Side note: I’m feeling really good, physically. The lesions are healing. Only one big one causing me trouble right now, and I can tell it’s on it’s way out, too. And I gained a couple of pounds. Before all this started, I weighed 133- my perfect, happy weight. I dropped down to 120 or so, and have been stuck at 123 for several weeks. I’m at 125 today. All good signs.

I almost spent $10 today on teas, but decided to try to use the herbs I already have in the garden more often for this purpose. Tonight, it’s chocolate mint. I mean, you can’t even buy that as a tea (as far as I know) and it’s delicious. Wish I could remember where I got this plant from.


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