Sunday’s Snack

Munched on homemade popcorn, cooked in olive oil, seasoned with salt and nutritional yeast (makes it seem kind of cheesy). Had a hot chocolate (half coconut milk, half unsweetened vanilla almond milk, bit of sorghum syrup, and cocoa powder). And an alkalizing green juice. All this while holding my sleeping baby and watching a movie on Netflix. It was a relaxing afternoon.




And yes, that’s vegan whipped cream floating there in the chocolate. Of course I’m going to put that on everything possible today.

Also worked out this afternoon. Just 20 minutes from a video- kind of kickboxing/dancing. I thought baby girl would get into it with me, but she was absorbed in her computer learning games.


I’m still surprised at how weak I am. I was winded within 2 minutes of starting the video, and it’s very low-impact. I’m aching to get back into some sort of serious training plan. And, though I know I need to take it easy for a bit, I do need to be doing something strategic every day. At least some yoga, walking, or stretching.

One thought on “Sunday’s Snack”

  1. You will —-but you do need to take it slowly at first. It takes quite awhile to gain back strength after what you have just been through.

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