Saturday’s Lunch

I was not prepared for lunch at the conference today. Ended up eating what was served, minus the bread on the sandwich. Hoping I didn’t inadvertently ingest any gluten. The chip ingredients are far from healthy, but I don’t think there was anything that breaks my gluten-free streak.


I’ve never been big on pickles, but that pickle tasted gooooooood. Wonder if that’s another sign of my tastes changing.

Oh- and just so everyone’s aware of what I had to resist.


Those are fudgy brownie cake pops which served as the center pieces and were offered for dessert. There was also an entire table devoted to candy (which was surprisingly easy for me to avoid- its the baked goods that are harder to resist.) Referring to the brownie pops, the ladies at my table were like, “Oh- come on! Just take one home!” I just smiled and shook my head. One lady said, “That’s willpower right there.” It wasn’t the time or place to launch into my whole story, so I just let her think I have lots of willpower. But if I’d had the time (and if she cared to listen) I would’ve explained that willpower has nothing to do with it. When you’re pretty convinced that a particular food is poisonous and can create a reaction in your body that could kill you, it’s a lot easier to resist, no matter how delicious it may be. But then I probably would’ve ruined her experience with her cake pop.

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Lunch”

  1. I do hope you will share your story with others. Believe me, I have shared plenty in my neck of the woods. You will be surprised at what they will share that you would never have known. For example, at the BBQ Friday, a woman about your age just asked me how you were doing and, just from that, I discovered she had a child who takes the same chemo med, has RA, and she started talking about the Dr. Oz show. We ended up talking for at least an hour. I have worked with this girl so often at church and never knew one of her kids was stricken with RA. Now, we know how much we have in common even though she is about your age–and we are praying for each other.

    1. I will share. When the environment is appropriate. In this case, I think it would’ve come off as a lecture about healthy eating. I need to work on my approach. And I think it’ll be more compelling when I have a success story to share, instead of being in the midst of a cycle of steroids and sickness, as I am now.

  2. Yes…but be open to sharing your struggles, too, especially with the friends you are making at church. From experience, I know that it can mean so much that your friends care and are supporting you in the good times but especially when you are frustrated, tired, weakened and just emotionally drained. It’s wonderful that you are making these new connections!

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