Tuesday’s Lunch

I ate a few bits of leftover stir-fry, and it was just too painful. So I sucked down a couple of these.


Met with rheumatologist. He’s pushing methotrexate again (as I knew he would). He said the goal is to get me on a steroid substitute as soon as possible. This really frustrated me, because NO- that is NOT the goal. I told him I want to see my specialist in NY (Dr. Yazici) or a new guy at the Mayo clinic who specializes in Behcet’s, before making a long-term decision. The GOAL is remission. And I decided I need to enlist some new partners to help me get there.

So I called the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine and got an appointment for Thursday. It costs an arm and a leg, but I need to talk to somebody who has some experience solving health problems naturally. Somebody who’s not going to brush it off when I bring up my diet or what supplements I’m taking. I know my doctors do the best they can with what they know, but all they know are prescriptions. And prescriptions aren’t going to bring me true healing. They’re a bandaid until they either stop working or cause problems of their own (side effects). Before I go that route, I have to know I tried everything else first.

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