Saturday’s Snack

I had a few handfuls of my healthy snack mix, and baby girl comes toddling by wanting some. Since nuts and seeds are still a choking hazard for her, I decided to make up some little fruit snack bags for her. When looking for a container to store them in, I found these…


It should be illegal for these to be called fruit snacks. It really makes me laugh. Look at the ingredients.


It’s candy. And should be treated as such. But it’s marketed to make parents think they are giving their kids something good for them. And it’s just not.

So, let’s try to do a bit better and get the ones with less sugar, shall we?


The only way they got these to be palatable with less sugar was to add aspartame. Seriously? For a kid’s product?


Granted, the teeny fruit shapes, bright colors, and sweet taste are very appealing to kids. But I am finding that my attitude and the way I honestly feel about the food I’m trying to feed my daughter (because they KNOW when you’re lying!) makes all the difference in her response. She loves to drink the green juices I make, especially when we drink them together, taking turns with the straw. And she got so excited over her baggie of fruit snacks, because I made a big deal over it: “Look! Mommy made you a yummy special treat!” That approach may not work at all ages, but it’s (generally) working for us now.

So these are her new, REAL fruit snacks. Just as convenient, and does a lot more for her little body than those gummy candy things calling themselves fruit snacks. And small kids eat so little already, everything that goes in their mouths needs to have something positive to offer. With these, we get lots of vitamins and minerals (real ones, not created in a lab and injected into the food… “100% vitamin C” -ha!) and tons of fiber to keep her little digestive system going strong.


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