Thursday’s Breakfast

Last night, I was getting worried about a strange feeling I was having in my neck/jaw. The area right near both ears was tender when I touched it, I had a strange cough all day that somehow felt related to that sensitive area, and it also seemed related to my taste buds- every time I ate something, that same area tensed up and took a second to adjust before I could continue eating (like when you eat something super-sour, but it was happening with everything). I didn’t think much of it during the day, but as I was laying down for bed, it was more painful, and I was coughing a lot. The last time I had a weird feeling and a strange taste in my mouth, I was in the hospital two weeks later. So, it was making me nervous.

And I’ve been having particularly bad night sweats the last two nights, requiring several wardrobe changes, strategic towel placement, and daily laundering of the sheets. My daughter sleeps with me when my husband is out of town, so you would think if there was a puddle in the bed, it would be due to a leaky diaper. But no, it’s me. I completely sweated through a THICK sweatshirt last night- it was so wet you could wring it out. So, none of this was a big deal in itself, I was just getting worried that something bad was brewing- some infection or reaction that could spiral out of control.

So I prayed. I know God has a plan for me, and I know that further sickness and pain may be a part of that plan- it may be much worse than the pain I’ve known so far, and I know that if that’s the case, God will give me the strength I need to get through it. So I prayed for Him to give me direction and guidance about what to do if this particular pain didn’t get better, and I prayed for Him to help strengthen my faith in Him and His plan for me. Because if my faith is strong, there is no need for fear and worry.

So I snuggled up in my cold, wet sheets and resolved to call my doctor today if it wasn’t better.

Well, it’s better! Much better! I can still feel it, but it’s definitely changed, and feels like it’s on it’s way out. And the weird taste-bud thing isn’t happening today. And no coughing. I’m so grateful that, at least for today, God sees fit for me to be feeling good.

Time for breakfast. I don’t know why I even try, my omelets never come out right. They’re always delicious, but never pretty. I think I try to put too much in them. Here’s my ingredients.


That’s basil, spinach, tomato, mushroom, and garlic. I also beat in a spoonful of vegenaise into the eggs for a little extra richness and flavor.

Here’s my omelet scrambled eggs.


Topped with avocado and a side of red navel orange slices. Delish!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Breakfast”

  1. i love your attitude …and your food is inspiring plus it looks amazing…God is so good! may He bless you as only He can…Ms. V

    1. Thank you! Lol. I love that you say my food looks amazing, knowing what you’re used to with that awesome chef of a daughter you have. I try to “pretty it up” a bit for the photos. 😉

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